Natalia and Jonathan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park Boat Ride , New York City

How We Met

15 years old just starting my freshman year in high school my life was changed forever when this boy saw me sitting in a classroom from the hallway. The next couple of days this boy whose name I found out was John came by my class every day to come, see me, intrigued by his charm a week later we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

I guess when you know you just know and the rest was history. Fast forward 12 years later on a Saturday morning in Central Park NY on the lake in a boat ride he’s asked me to be his wife. It was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Natalia's Proposal in Central Park Boat Ride , New York City

How They Asked

It was just like an ordinary date night that we had planned before, I had taken off of work on Friday to have a 4 day weekend for the holiday on Monday, he suggested the city because he found a great deal on a hotel, little did I know that was all part of the plan. He ended up leaving the plans up to me so I didn’t think anything suspicious about this trip. I decided on dinner and a Broadway show to see Aladdin. At dinner, he suggested “my mom gave me the idea of going on the boat ride tomorrow at Central Park”, I, of course, said yes sounds like fun as we’ve had always discussed going on one before. The next day prior to leaving our hotel I noticed in our hotel room there was a picture of the bridge in Central Park, I said to John “omg look at the picture we’re about to be going under that !” He smiled, took a picture and said: “yes we are baby.” We leave the hotel and head to the park, everything is normal, we get in the boat and enjoy the beautiful views on this sunny Saturday morning.

On our way back right before we go under the bridge one last time, he stopped paddling and said to me, “how long have you been wearing that promise ring I gave you ?” Right then and there I knew it was happening and was secretly flipping out in my head. I nervously answered around 5-6 years and he then says “ turn around I think it’s about time I make you my wife”. As I turn around and look it’s the bridge with our immediate families standing there holding up a sign that says “ Will you marry me, Natalia ?”, I turn to look back at John and he has the ring out of the box and asks “ Natalia will you marry me ?” Of course, I said yes!

After the boat ride, we celebrated with our family for brunch at Tavern on the Green, it was everything and more. I’m so happy I get to marry my high school sweetheart, my best friend and the love of my life!