Natali and Nick

Where to Propose in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

How We Met

Nick and I meet as one of those life casualties. A few months ago, we had to move to Boston to start our new Masters degree in the same business school, Nick is from Germany and he’s always been passionate about traveling, and I’m from the Dominican Republic, and also love traveling but at a difference, it was my first time living abroad while he was kind of used to it. Because of the School platform we had a lot of opportunities to talk to students getting into the school at the same time that we were, so basically we already had each other on Instagram and Facebook, but had never talked. 2 days after i arrived we decided to go out with our roomates and almost run into each other, but 2 days after that we actually meet in a rooftop bar in seaport Boston, hanging out with our groups,

and it was an instant click, the way he talked was so connected with me, and the things he said… i couldn’t get enough and after that we dated the whole week, and i even invited him to a Red Sox game 6 days after.

25 days after we meet, we decided to take a trip to New York City(It’s our favorite city in the world) and i told him i was going to show him the city from my perspective, so the first night of our weekend in NYC, we went to my favorite pizza place in Dumbo Brooklyn and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Proposal Ideas Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Natali and Nick's Engagement in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

how they asked

It was amazing how Nick (my fiancé) managed to plan everything, we went to my country so our families could meet, his mom was coming, and we were doing a few days of sightseeing in the city(Santo Domingo, where im from) and then going to Punta Cana to a resort to relax for a few days. As soon as we arrived to Punta Cana, he told me: “baby, as today we have our monthversary, i thought about doing a family photoshoot with a professional photographer, since it’s also our first time in PC”. And i was like: “ok…” I have to recognize he’s usually more of a romantic and amazing with plans. The photoshoot was at 7:30pm, and i have to manage to have my family on time, since we’re always late for everything (part of the culture).

At 7:30pm we were in the middle of the photoshoot and i got bit distracted talking to the photographer in the middle of a shot with the sound of the waves in the background(since we were in Punta Cana and extremely close to the beach), and when i turned to him, he was getting on his knee and I couldn’t stop crying, while half the families already knew about the proposal and the people that were around started clapping. I said yes!! And i still can’t believe about how amazing it was.

Nick told me that he wanted to have photos of the exact moment when he asked, of all the process and he wanted to have my reaction intact, which he did! It was so beautiful and sincere, i would definitely say yes a thousand times again in the same way.

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