Natalee and Jack

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How We Met

Jack and I met in high school in grade 7 ironically 2007 and we instantly had a connection, best friends was an understatement. we were always those friends that everyone was convinced we were dating but never were, attached to the hip some might even say. As we grew older and finished school we parted to different parts of Australia Jack being in Queensland and myself still in New South Wales which is 14 hours apart, we still managed to keep in contact. After a while, we decided we needed to have a proper catch-up and just explore so we spent a week in Queensland to wander around and talk. Little did we know our feelings for each other could grow but in a different relationship, Jack truly is my best friend, no matter how bad a day I have had he is always right there to make me giggle and smile.

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how they asked

Jack and myself had been planning to go on a holiday for months and wanting to do the UK and Ireland, at the last minute we decided we would go to Paris for the day. Jack kept saying should we do a photo shoot in Paris, get some nice photos for ourselves. I agreed as we don’t have a lot of nice photos of just the two of us. At first I thought maybe he would propose but unsure because it was to last minute for him to have planned the whole thing. (Honestly I thought if it would have happened it would have been in Ireland, he kept saying about how he had to take his drone to capture certain photos. even then I didn’t think it would actually happen.) So in London, we woke up at 3.30am and headed to the train station, we arrived in Paris at around 09.30am and went straight to the bir-hakim Bridge to meet with the beautiful Daria who was our photographer. Once we introduced ourselves and took a few pictures, Daria asked me to turn around and face the Eiffel Tower and get a few shots of me by my self, Jack then stepped aside and walked off to his bag.

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I was terrified because I don’t normally like photos of my self, the next thing I hear is “okay that’s perfect”, I turned to the side and facing me was the man I love, my best friend since I can remember, what I would call my soul mate, standing in front of me with a beautiful brown wooden box. Gobsmacked I was speechless at first then started saying “No, no, no way” is this really happening and laughed, Jack then went down on one knee with the most Romantic city I can think of behind us and opened the box to see the most amazing ring I have seen by Rosendorff diamonds and said, Natalee, Will you Marry me? instantly I said Yes, Jack, I think he was confused by my “no way” comment turned and said that’s was a yes right? I turned and replied Yes, of course. after this moment, Jack turned to me and said I have one more surprise, I thought what can be more of a surprise then a proposal in Paris! Daria and Jack had organized together to have a bottle of G.H.Mumm French Champagne, two Champagne glasses, a silver platter tray and three stunningly beautiful roses with petals scattered around it to celebrate. Jack had truly organised the best surprise proposal for the two of us. and having Daria to capture the moments made it that much more incredible.

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