Natacha and Vincent

Where to Propose in On a public square in Toulouse (France)

How We Met

We lived in the same small village when we were young and we lost sight later. But when we were 18-20 years old we found us again in the same friends’ music band. Natacha played saxophone and Vincent keyboard, bass or drums. The band counted 5 musicians and we played together during 3-4 years. But one day in May 1996, by a lucky coincidence, we became closer and gone well together. Quickly, it was like evidence that we would have a good run together. 3 years later Vincent asked Natacha to marry and we got married in 2000.

For our 10 years of marriage Vincent was “under the weather” and he missed out on the event whereas Natacha waited a big surprise. Then, after having get back on his feet Vincent decided to make a strong impact the Natacha’s forties and especially for our wedding crystal.

how they asked

2 close friends have planned an outing with girls for gossiping and taking good time together after work. One of them waited me at my office desk and we would have to meet the third one on a public square in Toulouse (because she would come by train and the train was late a priori).

As soon as we arrived near our friend a small boy with his mum came to us with a white rose, he gave me the rose and said “Tu es exceptionnelle” (you’re wonderful) then they returned. At this moment, I thought that they made a mistake by giving me this flower, but at my opposite side, few friends and anonymous gave me a rose one by one saying the same sentence. At this moment I became to think that something appends for me, and I knew that my husband was behind this moment of madness. And other persons came from anywhere with white rose, it was crazy. At a moment the roses’ breaker stopped and everybody looked behind me, I turned around and my husband was here with a huge bouquet of red roses and he said an emotive speech reminding to us of the last 15 years of love until our marriage.

At the end, he kneeled down in front of me and asked me a remarriage proposal with splendid diamonds ring made especially for me.

Finally, I received 40 white roses representing my fortieth birthday and 15 red roses for our wedding crystal (15 years). Most of the 40 persons which gave me white roses have been hiring just before the show among the onlooker of the square.


With this ceremony, I lived the most incredible romantic moment of my life and by sharing my story; I hope others can live this moment.


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