Nastasia and Joe

How We Met

Joe and I informally knew of one another from our job, but since we worked for two completely different organizations within our company we had never talked to each other. We formally introduced ourselves in November 2011 while I was out celebrating my birthday with friends and bumped into him at the same restaurant. After two months of continually bumping into him while out with friends, we decided to get to know each other better and the rest is history. By the time we formally met, he had already been with the company for 14 years and I for four years. My future husband had been right under my nose all those years and I never even knew it! It’s funny how things work out in life.

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how they asked

Our proposal was so surreal, like a scene straight from a movie! We had both dreamed of travelling around Europe so for a little over a year we decided to nail down a three week trip that would allow us to experience as much of Europe as we possibly could. We planned on spending three nights in Paris on the front end of our trip, go on a two week cruise that would allow us to hit multiple countries, then spend three nights in London on the back end of our trip. During our planning process of what we’d end up doing and where, Joe threw out the idea of doing a “photoshoot” in Paris since we wouldn’t really be able to get nice pictures of us together cause one or the other would always be taking the picture. I remember thinking that it was so random and weird that he’d want to setup a photoshoot while abroad, I mean we weren’t celebrities or anything, but after some persuasive points, I said I’d do it. The beginning of our trip to Europe wasn’t the best experience! First of all, the weather was so bad in the state that our layover was that our flight got delayed by 3 hours and we eventually ended up having to switch to another airline to catch a different flight route to Paris. That was just the beginning! After we finally made it to Paris, we came to find out that our luggage had not been removed off the original plane and somehow ended up in London. The airline said they’d have our luggage to our hotel within 24 hours which was fine with me, but Joe was surprisingly agitated and anxious because we had our “photoshoot” planned for the following day and had no luggage with all our necessities. I kept telling him it was no big deal and to reschedule the shoot for another day, how could I not be cool and collected in a city I had only ever dreamed about. Little did I know, his anxiety was coming from the fact that he had planned all along to propose to me at this “photoshoot”. I’m sure my nonchalant attitude didn’t help the situation at hand. So he rescheduled the “photoshoot” for the day before we were to leave for our two week cruise and on that day, the weather was overcast and cold; poor Joe just couldn’t get a break! I was moaning that I was cold and was miserable during the whole car ride to the “photoshoot” location. We got to our destination in a little spot across from the Eiffel Tower (which was gorgeous to say the least), had our introductions with Lindsey (our photographer), and were told that we would take a few pictures at different locations to capture the essence of Paris. She took a few shots of Joe and I together and then told me she wanted to get a few with me alone. So I turned around to fix my hair and dress since it was breezy day and once I turned back around, Joe was already down on one knee! I know it sounds so cliché, but at that moment the clouds parted to allow the sunlight through as the love of my life was telling me how he planned on spending the rest of his life with me and asking for my hand in marriage, I couldn’t believe it! I giddily said YES and we took what ended up being our engagement pictures in Paris, France with the light shining bright and not a cloud in the sky. It was the best day ever!

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