Nashlyn and Leamsy


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We went to dinner at Red Fish Grill in Miami. There’s a little small beach in the back as the view but he sat me behind a bush so I wouldn’t be able to see anything. After we finished eating, he told me that we had another stop to make, so we left and as soon as I got to the car, he blindfolded me. I already knew something was going on. He grabbed my hand and walked me all the way to the beach. I knew it as the beach because I had heels on and my heels kept sinking and my feet with full of sand.


He told me to take off my blindfold and once I did, all my family was there, along with random people that were just waiting there and people from the restaurant as well and lastly my fiancé on his knee asking me to marry him.


To me, this was the most special moment of my life and I truly loved my proposal. Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.



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