Nashira and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met through mutual friends. His best friend was dating a good friend of mine that I went to college with. We were a huge group of friends that went out all of Summer ’13. I fell in love with how funny and outgoing he was and I secretly had a MAJOR crush on him but I just kept it to myself. Little did I know that he also had a major secret crush on me! We spent the whole summer subtly flirting and then one night, at this outdoor lounge/restaurant in NYC called La Marina, he asked me to dance and after that, it was history!! Our good friend actually took a photo of this moment, which we are so happy for. We immediately fell head over heels for each other and now we are going to spend the rest of our lives together <3

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how they asked

Once we began dating, we were able to discover and share our passion for traveling. In the 3 years we’ve been together, we’ve traveled to over 20 countries and now it’s kind of what we are known for as a couple. Our last big trip was in April. We took 2 weeks off and were going to be traveling to Egypt, Morocco, the Amalfi Coast in Italy and finally Santorini.

I was definitely hoping the proposal would happen then but I wasn’t really sure. Then, a couple weeks before our trip, we went to an event and my dad came with us. That day, my dad also invited us to something that was going to be taking place during our upcoming trip. When I told him that Kevin and I wouldn’t be around, he had no idea about our upcoming vacation. So at that moment, I knew the proposal wasn’t happening because I knew that if Kevin was planning on it, he would surely ask my dad for my hand in marriage before popping the question. So that was that, and I got it out of my mind and no longer thought about it.

Flash forward to April 20th, five days into our trip. We were on camels riding an hour and a half into the Sahara Desert to the camp we would be sleeping in for the night. Once we arrived, we got all settled in and played our favorite Spotify playlists while smoking hookah and drinking wine with our tour guide Waj, who ended up becoming a really great friend to us. He told us that later on that night, he has a surprise for us. I didn’t think much of it, just perhaps a special dinner arrangement.

Once the sun started to set, he came over to us and said that our surprise was ready. He blindfolded the both of us (or so I thought) and we climbed up this enormous, gigantic sand dune. Once we reached the top, he asked us if we were ready for our surprise. We both said yes and he removed my blindfolds. When I opened my eyes, Kevin was down on one knee surrounded by candlelight’s shaped into a heart. It was so magical!! There were a billion stars in the sky and I just fell to my knees and cried and laughed and cried some more.

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I was dressed in “desert attire”, no make up on, crazy sand hair- but it couldn’t have been more perfect! We even think if we have a baby girl one day, we’d name her Sahara :)

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