Narine and Manuel

Narine's Proposal in Aquarium of the Pacific

How We Met

The company where I work works with Manuel’s company. We saw each other about 3 years ago, but we didn’t even think that one day we would come to this point. My boss would usually try to hook me up with different guys; however, I would always find a reason(age, look, smoking…) to not give a chance to any of them.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Aquarium of the Pacific

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Aquarium of the Pacific

So, one year ago he told me about Manuel and showed his pictures on social media. He asked me if I would like to go out with him. Because I already knew Manuel in person as soon as I saw his pictures I remembered him, and I said yes. So, my boss gave my phone number to Him, next day I got a text from him, then everything started…

Narine and Manuel's Engagement in Aquarium of the Pacific

how they asked

It was like a beautiful movie. The day was Saturday and everyone was off of work He said that we can go to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach in the morning with our siblings. So we went there in the morning it was my sister with her fiancé, my brother, his brother, him and I. So my brother got the map of the aquarium and he’s guiding us through different kind of aquariums, meanwhile we stop read the descriptions of the fishes, taking pictures and just having relaxing time there.

Then my brother checked one of the aquariums had a sign that said they’re going to have a presentation inside the aquarium with the scuba divers. So, after waiting for a little and checking the fishes inside, the presentation started.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Aquarium of the Pacific

I was sitting next to Manuel and we were watching the presentation..the scuba diver was talking about the fishes, their sizes, the temperature of the aquarium then he said that he needs to go 10 feet down and bring something from there…So we’re waiting until he comes up. Then, I see an orange board that says on it with big white letters “Narine, will you marry me?”, for a moment I felt like it was a movie, I read it again the second time, then I see Manuel is on his knee with the ring in his hand…I was looking around people clapping, making sounds and taking photos and videos.

I was smiling with the biggest smile of my life on my face and “in my heart”. My yes was a big kiss when he got up to his feet. I hugged him tight and kissed him YES!!!!!!

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