Nardine and Mina

How We Met

I never really knew the true meaning of a “soulmate”… until I met Mina. Someone who took up my entire heart just so easily and effortlessly.

Let’s start with Mina and I always being in the same church, but never really interacted much or crossed paths. In 2016, we both happened to sign up for one of our church missionary trips to Egypt for two weeks. To say this was the greatest trip of my entire life is a true understatement. He caught my whole heart- every single little thing about him. The way he served Christ and Christ’s children on this trip, how loving/God-fearing he was (and still is), and how much love he had for each soul around him; this all showed me exactly who he is: p e r f e c t.

After this trip- I knew that Christ had given me an angel and I knew this was the man was going to be my forever love, my soulmate, my heart. – Nardine

Little did I know that signing up for my first mission trip with the church would lead to me meeting the woman of my dreams, one who I would get to call my future wife.

During those 2 weeks in Egypt, I would get to see the type of woman Nardine is; she is beautiful, intelligent, caring and funny. But what caught my eye was her love and warmth towards everyone she meets.

The mission trip ended in July, but our relationship had just begun to blossom. Until one day we decided to begin dating- the rest is HISTORY.

How They Asked

Going to sleep that Friday night, I wasn’t as nervous as everyone thought I would be- truth be told it hadn’t fully hit me that I would be proposing to the love of my life in a matter of hours.

Nardine and I spoke on the phone as we would have done a thousand nights before, she had slept before me thinking I would wake up just like any other Saturday: wake up, study, then we would be going to the much anticipated Winter Gala hosted by my dental school.

Nardine's Proposal in West New York, New Jersey

Nardine and Mina's Engagement in West New York, New Jersey

Wedding Proposal Ideas in West New York, New Jersey

I woke up early, had a few errands to pick up everything and head over to the proposal site. Nardine on the other hand, right on schedule, was going to brunch with her best friend. I would be studying, while she was brunchin’, then we would get dressed up and go to gala together. (She had also been preparing for the Winter Gala for around a week; bought her gown, nails were done, she was all set.)

Where to Propose in West New York, New Jersey

A little bit of background about me- I plan out every single step about my day. Whichever step, errand, or even mini-break I take is planned out to the T.

Nardine called me as I was in the midst of a little stress out because the one thing I could not control, the weather, which was miserable. There was a light mist, a little fog, and rain which has not stopped for the past 3 hours. Being that it’s January, snow would have been crippling, but I was prepared with clear umbrellas and ample time in the schedule to dry after the proposal.

I tried to just get everything perfect for the proposal, but the rain was still there. The main event, the New York City skyline, was all there. It’s 11:00 am and Nardine is coming at 12:00 pm. I just needed a little bit of sunshine.

By 11:30 am, we put up the seven feet tall “BE MY WIFE” sign that would be the center stage of our proposal. Thank God, I had my brother and seven of the most loyal best friends who jumped in to hold up the letters. Let’s just say, they will be getting the greatest of groomsmen gifts during my wedding planning.

At this point, all my composure has escaped and my mind is racing at lightning speed. Nardine is still on the way, a few family members haven’t arrived yet, and the rain just doesn’t want to go away.

Proposal Ideas West New York, New Jersey

Nardine comes at 11:55 am, and not a moment too soon. A few minutes before she comes, to what she thinks is brunch. The sun starts to peek out just a little bit through the clouds and the skyline is visible! Nardine sees the sign and immediately understands.

She steps out of the car, at a loss for words, as I begin pouring my heart out to my soon-to-be fiancé. From our trip three and a half years ago to all the sleepless nights, and all the milestones we walked together, it was at that moment I was reassured that this is the woman I cannot imagine my life without. She sees the sign, the photographer, my eight friends, and as I go down on one knee. I momentarily panic because I don’t know what to do with the ring box, so I tossed it near the water.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in West New York, New Jersey

Engagement Proposal Ideas in West New York, New Jersey

Seconds after I tossed the ring box, I get up from my knee after proposing, and a whole family of pigeons flies behind us. As though that moment could have been more magical. Aside from being soaked in the rain, the proposal truly could not have gone better, Thank God.

I introduce to you- my fiancé, the love of my life, Nardine!

Special Thanks

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