Nardeen and Bishoy


How We Met

Bishoy and I first met over 6 years ago through a mutual friend. A group of us went out to sushi for lunch and he picked himself up wings (he hated sushi) and brought it into the restaurant. I remember sitting across from him thinking, who does the guy think he is bringing wings into a sushi restaurant and how does someone NOT like sushi? I didn’t think much of our encounter. I was 18 at the time and was still trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted from life. Fast forward a year later and through twitter we ended up crossing paths once again. Over the next few weeks we went back on forth on twitter, which carried over to Facebook. My cousin sneakily ended up giving Bishoy my number and I will forever be thankful for that. Bishoy asked me to be his girlfriend on March 2nd, 2012.

He called me the night before and told me he wanted to take me to the gun range and made me promise him that I would shoot at least once. A little while after we got there, we stepped out so he could use the bathroom and when we came back inside there was a target waiting for me that said “Will you be my girlfriend?” with a big picture of us with the words Yes and two smaller pictures of the words no and maybe! Thankfully I was able to hit the yes target and the rest is history. Bishoy has been my best friend and constant through the ups and downs over the last few years. Oh and incase you were wondering, he now likes sushi!


how they asked

On Sunday, July 31st 2016 I woke up and got ready for church just like any other Sunday morning. The night before Bishoy drove out from Palm Springs after work (2 hours away) to go out for one of his best friends birthday. Of course I was under the impression that he had driven back to Palm Springs earlier that morning as he had work at 9am. I even texted him right when I woke up to make sure he was there safe and sound! Every Sunday after church my family and I always go to Starbucks. I didn’t think much of it until an hour went by and my cousin Sara and brother were very sneakily on their phones and I felt like I was being held hostage at Starbucks! When the time came to leave Starbucks I walked outside to find a limo awaiting. Sara handed me a card that let me know we were going to the place where Bishoy asked me to be his girlfriend.


After quickly changing (I may or may not have bought a dress in mind for this day!) I jumped in the limo with Sara and watched a video that Bishoy put together of pictures of us over the years. I tried to fight back tears and the anticipation was killing me as I was so excited knowing what was to come. As we were driving, I caught on to the fact that Sara was recording me with her phone only to find out that she was recording me on Periscope so that Bishoy and everyone else could be part of the moments leading up to the proposal.


When we arrived to the gun range, one of my best friends, Martena was there waiting for me. She had the next card for me to read and from there we headed to the beach, one of our favorite places to hang out. Martena hopped in the limo with us and we were off to the beach where my best friend from high school, Meghan was awaiting us. She handed me the next card which led us to the golf course where we will be having our engagement party in December. Another one of my best friends, Marina, was there waiting for me with the last card that would lead me to where Bishoy was waiting for me!


We hopped in the limo, popped some champagne, while I anxiously awaited seeing my future fiance! When the limo pulled up to Signal Hill, I could see my friends and family off in the distance. As I walked up a hill, Bishoy was standing there with the sweetest Beauty and the Beast rose setup (one of our favorite movies).


He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!


I said YES and we were then surrounded by our closest family and friends to celebrate one of the most incredible days. Every single thing about the day was perfect and I am so incredibly excited to spend the rest of my life with this man!




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