Sally and David | Napa Valley Marriage Proposal

How We Met: After meeting, Sally and I spent a month just talking as friends. However, it was on our first date that I knew she would be the woman I would marry. (Although I’m not too sure she did.)

After dating for one year we knew pretty much everything about one another and had talked extensively about wanting to spend the rest of our lives together. At this point, with everything out in the open, I now knew I wanted to surprise her.

My father and sister accompanied me to Shane Co. and we picked out the perfect center diamond to place in a family heirloom that was graciously bestowed to me by my mother. It was my great-great aunt’s wedding set; platinum with beautiful accent diamonds. And, once we saw THE diamond, we knew it was meant to be.

Image 1 of Sally and David | Napa Valley Marriage Proposal

Keeping the ring hidden for months was the easy part. But, hiding my emotions and excitement was another story. So, next, I told Sally I would like to take her on a surprise birthday trip and dropped hints to convince her that we may be heading to Lake Tahoe. Instead, we journeyed to Napa Valley.

how they asked: Once in Napa, I took her out for a picnic at a local winery and then for a nice steak dinner where I presented her with a watch; her birthday present. But, little did she know that the next day she would receive a present even more impressive.

Image 2 of Sally and David | Napa Valley Marriage Proposal

I woke up the next morning and told her about this winery I had seen a brochure for in the lobby. (In reality, of course, it was all planned.) Once we arrived at the 13th century European castle, I pulled her aside and asked if she liked what she saw. I told Sally that I loved her very much and that I wasn’t sure if I could give her such a spectacular home but I could give her my heart forever.

Dropping down on one knee, I pulled out the ring with the stunning Shane Co. diamond and asked her to be my wife. To which she replied, “Of course I will.” (After asking me if I was serious, of course.)

Image 3 of Sally and David | Napa Valley Marriage Proposal

Our wedding is set for November in my hometown of San Francisco and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for providing us with such a beautiful representation of our love, Shane Co. We are glad you are a part of our story.

Image 4 of Sally and David | Napa Valley Marriage Proposal

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