Naomi and Sacha

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Switzerland

how they asked

We both knew this time was coming, we have been planning our trip to Switzerland and Malta for a while now, but he’s obviously been making some separate plans without me!

Our second day in Interlaken, Switzerland he had been “fake proposing” to me all day, pulling his phone or random items from his pockets. Then finally that night just before bed he asked me to get him a book from the hotel drawer. I started looking through the drawers and found a ring box. However, it looked the same as the ring box from his work’s conference champion’s ring (which is why we were on the trip). I got angry thinking it was yet again another “fake proposal” and threw the box across the room.

It was then that he picked it up, got down on one knee and opened it…I said YES!!

Special Thanks

Samantha Emery