Naomi and James

Where to Propose in Switzerland

How We Met

I met Tomo (what James is known as) through my brother! My brother let us tag along on a night out with him and tomo, and, the cheesiest and most cliché saying, it was love at first site! The moment we met it felt special and as it happens, it actually was.

how they asked

So we go visit my grandparents in Switzerland every year. This year Tomo had planned a very special and amazing surprise! Before we left tomo had been secretly convincing me that he wanted to make a video of our trip for like a hobby project, this way I wasnt going to notice him recording. So it went down like this! The day he asked we he had planned a champagne picnic for us, only he had planned to have it on a private speedboat, in the middle of Lake Geneva. The setting was so so beautiful. He had then written me a letter, he said it was so he wouldnt forget to say anything, he said he wanted to really open up! Anyway, he read me the letter and had me laughing and crying, i was an emotional mess! He then got down on one knee and I said yes! Afterwards he planned a lunch with all my family and then we stayed in an amazing posh hotel and watched the fireworks from the balcony. Tomo planned the day around the fireworks, the view from the hotel was an amazing end to the holiday.

Naomi's Proposal in Switzerland

Our Video

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