Naomi and Jacob

Image 1 of Naomi and JacobHow we met: Growing up, my prince charming always seemed out of reach or a case of “really bad timing”. Little did I know, he only lived a couple blocks down the street by the name of Jacob Walls. Jacob and I knew each other growing up… We were casual friends and years later became good friends. He’s the type of person you just always want to be around. He’s thoughtful, genuine and absolutely hilarious.

In college, we became really good friends. Whenever we saw each other out, we’d laugh until our stomachs hurt. I always compared guys to Jacob. “Well, he’s nice, but I wish he was funnier like Jacob Walls.” <Insider scoop: Ladies, if you compare guys to a certain crush. The crush is probably your best bet!> Anyways my Sophomore year of college, we had a writing class together. He sat next to me and we’d joke about this and that, but nothing really came of it… just good friends like always!

The next Fall, I saw Jacob at a football game. We caught eyes like something had changed. I was trying to play it cool, but smitten was all over my face. We laughed for a little bit like we always did and then he went to talk with his friends. Time went by and Jacob’s friend came up to talk to me. He said, “Jacob wants me to leave a little hint that he likes you sooo here it is. Hint. Hint,” followed by a little wink. I laughed and waited until Jacob came up to talk to me. This time, the conversation felt a little more nervous and excited. He texted me that night and asked me to go out on a date. After our first date, we were both hooked.

Falling in love with Jacob was like nothing I had ever experienced before. He’s caring and the truest meaning of the word gentlemen. I’ve never paid for a meal since I’ve met him. I’ve never opened my own door. I’ve never felt unloved or unappreciated. Chivalry may not be considered an important part of a relationship anymore, but to me… it meant everything. It meant that he cared to make me feel special. He cared about treating with love and respect.. Every day spent with this handsome man has been a very special one.

When he asked me to be his girlfriend, he sent me a link to a song. The song is The First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes. The lyrics read, “This is the first day of my life. I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you. But now I don’t care, I could go anywhere with you and I’d probably be happy.” He described his feeling that day to be similar to this song. As tears rolled down my face, I knew he’d be the one for me. That day we started dating, the Cardinals also clenched their spot to go to the World Series. He always says, the Cards clenching their spot was the second best thing to happen to him that day. Cheesy? Yeah, and it absolutely worked on me (but you gotta know, he really loves the Cardinals).

Our first Valentine’s Day, a week before February 14th, he asked me to be his Valentine. This was one of my favorite days with Jacob. He made me a huge fort lined with rose pedals. After I crawled through the fort, I saw a bundle of roses, a record player that was playing our song, and Jacob waiting there with a note that read, “Will you be my Valentine? Check yes or no.” One of our promises to each other was to always love like little kids. Sometimes circumstances can complicate things, but we wanted to always come back to the basics. So he made me an adorable fort and asked me to be his valentine. Um yes, swoon.

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He’s a dream. Dating Jacob Walls is nothing short of a fairytale. We’ve spent our dates picnicking, horseback riding, eating on rooftops, watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother, attempting to cook together, and going to tons of concerts. But, what I’ve learned from him is that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, but who you’re doing it with.

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how they asked: To begin, I’m really bad at waiting for surprises. My birthday is on December 6th and I really love opening presents. After annoying Jacob for weeks, I finally convinced him to let me open my presents a day early. I opened all of my gifts (he’s a really good gift giver) and finally got to the last one. It was huge and I honestly had no idea what it could be. I opened it and it was a beautiful piece of luggage from Paris. Though it was beautiful, I was confused because I really didn’t need it. He told me to open the luggage and so I did. I opened it and found a map of New York City. I unfolded it and read, “Pack your bags. We’re going to New York.”

Image 4 of Naomi and Jacob

A week later, we were packed with nothing but sheer anticipation of the big city. He had already booked our flights, planned our itinerary, bought me outfits, and given me shopping money for the trip. We spent the entire weeklaughing and exploring. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more loved and special than I did that week. We went on the Sex in the City Tour (he’s a trooper, I know!), saw the Rockettes, explored Central Park, shopped SoHo and Fifth Avenue, walked the Highline, sang with Motown the Musical, got Michael Cera’s autograph, and walked the streets of New York like we were young and in love. Every moment was beautiful and it felt like time stood still while we were there. No worries, no rush… just enjoying life and being in love.

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The last day we were in New York was bittersweet. We enjoyed our trip, but didn’t want to leave this magical city. That afternoon, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was cold and windy but absolutely beautiful. I wasn’t sure if Jacob was going to propose, but I assumed if he did, it would be on the bridge. We walked all the way across the bridge and my heart sunk because I thought he wasn’t going to propose in the city.

We ate at a restaurant in Brooklyn and after dinner, Jacob surprised me by taking me to the Brooklyn Pier. The Brooklyn Pier is the most beautiful sight in all of New York. We looked out over the pier to see the entire Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge lit up like the whole world stopped just for us. We talked about how much fun we had and then all of a sudden, Jacob began with these words:

“The reason why I brought you to New York this week was because I wanted to let you feel like you were living a fairytale. Because that is what I felt like since I met you. But before we go back home, I want to give you a fairytale that will never end. Forever couldn’t have gotten here fast enough nor will it last as long as I would like, but I don’t want another day to pass, or a minute to go by without you being mine forever. So will you make me the happiest and luckiest man on the face of the earth by saying yes to forever with me?” He got down on one knee and opened the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen and said, “Will you marry me?”

After that beautiful moment, we went to the Rockefeller Center to ice skate. Even though it was freezing, I refused to wear my gloves because I wanted to show anyone and everyone that I was engaged to the love of my life. That day will always be unforgettable.

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