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We planned a camping trip to Silver Lake with friends. As a group, we decided we wanted to adventure and explore the sand dunes that Silver Lake is known for! We were very fortunate to have such beautiful weather because climbing the sand dunes was difficult because of how steep they were. As we reached the top though, we recognized it was well worth it! The view was stunning! The wind was whistling loudly and you could barely hear the person next to you. Evan, my now fiancé, was pointing at a house across the lake confused I looked to try and figure out what he was saying. When I turned back to ask, there he was, on one knee! I was in utter disbelief and could faintly hear him say, “Will you marry me?” Escatasic, I screamed yes and jumped into his arms. Our friends were in on it the entire time, and were luckily there to take pictures for us! It was well worth climbing all those dunes for not only a spectacular view but the start of our very own fairytale!

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