Naomi and Ely

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How We Met

I was introduced to him the by a mutual friend the summer of 2011, I saw him again that September since he was the youth director of his church he invited some of the local churches out to diner after a youth service. He was super quiet from what I could remember. I hardly noticed him at all! I am a very outgoing loud gal! After that I then saw him again at a friends house which I did not know he was invited to until he randomly showed up with another friend who lives out of state. I thought it was so weird that I kept seeing this person and not actually getting to know him. After hanging out at our friends house I then found him on Facebook and messaged him I asked for his number. I had moved away for college and I didn’t want to be in a relationship but something kept me wanting to keep talking to him daily! He was so fun, smart, and I enjoyed talking to him every day.

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That winter, I got into a car accident and I didn’t want him at the hospital since I was a nervous wreck he showed up (my little sister gave him all the info and I didn’t know) With flowers and my favorite soup. He took me home and we talked all the way about life. 2 years passed and I still had him on the friend zone. I knew I wanted him my life but I was not ready for a something. He then had enough and said we’re either nothing or your becoming my wife! He went on vacation to California and while he was gone I just knew I didn’t want to be without him. He came home from his trip and I was parked outside his house with his favorite meal (tacos) and I asked him if he would be mine! 3 years later he is still my best friend! And there you have it!

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how they asked

We have been exploring Washington together for the past five years. We have done sky diving, snowboarding and reached the top of saint helens together. On July 30th, We went hiking with a group of our friends to one of favorite spots in Washington. We were finally at the top of mt Pilchuck and he has asked without me knowing, to a random stranger. I was trying to reach climb my way to the famous rock with him right behind me. As I sat down I waited for him to sit down right beside me but as I turned he was right down on one knee saying how much he loved me and how he can’t wait for our next adventure in live as husband and wife!

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I was sweating & crying and I said yes at 5,341′ !

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