Naomi and Dennis

Tropical Proposal (1)

How We Met

He moved recently to Denver a month before I met him…we had mutual friends but did not meet until first Friday art show where our friends had a show. We introduced ourselves and found out he lived in Okinawa,Japan due to being a marine’s son. Well what do ya know I was born in Okinawa because my dad was in Air Force…then when I told him where my parents were from (Virginia) he said no way! and told me that his mother lived there as well only 1 hour from my parents home! Since music is a huge passion of ours, I continually saw him almost every weekend at Redrocks…..

how they asked

It started with a 5 day music festival on the beach at Dominican Republic, called Dominican holidaze…we came with 10 of our Denver friends. On the 4th day, after countless hours of dancing and walking, Dennis took me to get massages on the beach then we went for a walk to a secluded part of the beach. I sat on a bent palm tree to take some photos. Dennis sat next to me and began talking about how this was the best trip of his life and wanted to have more trips like this for the rest of his life and next thing I know he was on one knee with his lips trembling! I jumped down and said “yes, yes a million times yes!!!”

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After Dennis proposed, My adrenaline was crazy I was literally shaking! Our first congratulations was from Zach from STS9 (our favorite band) I ran up to him on the beach and told him and his wife just what happened and said “I’m sure you guys probably have your set list done but it would be the sweet sweet icing on the cake if you guys played Poseidon for me and my fiancé tonight” they congratulated us we chatted for a bit and We ran off In excitement!
Sector 9 played the sunset show and Zach stepped up on his seat and made an announcement about the fans giving them so much love they want to give it back, and next thing they played was Poseidon!!!  When they were done, Zach ran into the water to swim and we yelled thank you pointing to my ring, and he replied “we did it for you guys!!” 
Later in the week he came up to us and gave us marriage tips and his proposal story, guys you just can’t make this up. Not only was I totally surprised about the proposal…all of my friends knew and we all celebrated together the rest of the trip.