Naomi and Ben

How We Met

Our story begins like any other study abroad story: Student takes a year off to another country to learn more about its culture and language while at the same time traveling to neighboring countries. At some point during the beginning of the school year I, the bride, had talked to my good friend to see if she would like to travel to Germany for Christmas along with her friend Ben whom she met while studying in England. By the three of us going to Germany we would be saving on accommodation, food, and gas. Win-win. The only catch was Ben was scheduled to go on a mission trip around the same time I had planned on traveling to Germany. But even without him, I knew that my friend and I would have gotten our way around Germany somehow.

how they asked

Rewind to the day before the proposal. It’s about 7:45 pm and we just finished having dinner. Ben tells me that it’s about time for him to go to bed. I was confused by this statement because usually, we go to bed around midnight. I asked him, “Why are you going to bed, it’s only 7:45 pm?!” and he tells me that he has to rest because he has to drive at 11 pm. And he tells me that we were going to France. Paris, France. This took me by surprise because… well who plans a random DAY trip to Paris? A few hours later we were off the ferry that crossed the English Channel into France. As we were driving out of the ferry Ben confesses, “You know, we’re actually not going to the city of Paris but rather outside of the city..” He shows me his watch face which showed Mickey Mouse.


I immediately began crying. Although I am from the states I had never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld thus making this my very first time to Disney.

We arrive at Disney and of course are enjoying the rides, the food, the characters (of which we couldn’t understand because everyone spoke French). After the parade, we decided to take pictures in front of the castle with his camera. While he’s setting his camera up I’m standing a bit of a distance so that other people wouldn’t take our spot for pictures. Finally, Ben meets me where I’m standing. However, something that I noticed was that he wasn’t using his phone to center ourselves. Something was fishy about this.

“You know how much I love you” he begins. We kiss a few times and he tells me, “They say that Disney is the place where dreams come true..” He gets down on one knee, “Naomi, will you be my wife?”

I’m shocked. And with tears, I shake my head yes. I’m trying not to cry too much as people are clapping and congratulating us for our proposal.