Naomi and Andrew

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How We Met

We met our senior year of college at Texas Tech University while working at an Italian restaurant Orlando’s! I immediately noticed his super bold neon sneakers he was wearing and knew I had to get to know him. I then proceeded to spend the whole shift lingering around the bar essentially forcing him to speak to me… I’m super subtle like that. The whole shift he was slightly reticent to speak to me because he wasn’t sure exactly what my age was, but when the busboy offered to buy me a margarita after our shift was over thus confirming I was 21 he warmed up to the idea haha.

Thank the Lord the bus boy offered to buy me a drink or who knows where we would be! Once we started chatting we instantly hit it off and began dating shortly after. It’s shocking to us that we didn’t meet sooner because we have a ton of friends in common. Almost all my college friends already knew him by the time I told them we had met, one of my best grade school friends was his freshman roommate, and his aunt was my middle school librarian. I am so grateful that the stars aligned, we met and are where we are today.

How They Asked

Over the years I have always mentioned how much fun it would be to visit NYC for the Christmas holiday, but always ended up not making it for one reason or another not thinking too much about it. Fast forward to a random Wednesday this past December at 5:45 in the morning. I was getting ready to go to an early morning workout and he had shown up at my house to let me know we were going to the airport and to dress warm. I was so confused and quickly got dressed. We got to the airport and found out he had arranged everything with my job and we were headed to NYC for the day; he works in the restaurant industry and never has weekends off so this is the only way I wouldn’t have suspected anything. The whole flight he was so calm and just kept saying we haven’t spent much time together lately and thought it would be a unique “day date” to finally get to see Christmas in NYC.

This was all true so I just went along! We get to the city and immediately hop in a cab where he requests to be taken to the tree in Rockefeller Center by giving the cab driver the exact address just in case he wasn’t sure where it was haha. We finally make it there after I made us take a detour to buy a hat and gloves I was freezing! Then right as I am admiring how pretty the whole thing is he dropped down on one knee and proposed! After crying and I am sure making a scene he told me he had also lined up a photographer to take engagement photos! Amazing!! Except I was so excited that morning I didn’t wear ANY makeup. I made us promptly run to Sephora and I got the fastest mini makeover ever just in time for the sweetest photo shoot. I never would have anticipated having such a romantic and spontaneous proposal in my life and I am so excited to start our lives together!

Naomi's Proposal in New York City

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Special Thanks

Debbie- jean Lamonte
 | Photographer
Sephora on 5th Avenue
 | Mini Makeover