Naomi and Alaka`i

How We Met

Alaka`i and I met at a local bar through mutual friends. We both didn’t want to go out that night but were convinced by each of our friends to hang out. My friends and I were at the bar first, and later he and his friend arrived. I was immediately attracted to him, but he paid no attention to me. I tried to get his attention by asking him to teach me how to play darts-which probably annoyed him, I didn’t realize how serious dart games could be until much later-but that still didn’t seem to get his attention. All night I tried making small talk but only got one word answers. It didn’t matter, I was determined. After continuing on to another bar, he finally asked me for my number. At that point, my friend stepped in and gave her number, saying that if he wanted to hangout with me he could text her first. A few days go by and he was still on my mind. I ended up stealing his number from my girlfriend’s phone, texting him to hangout, and a few days later we met back up at that same bar for a game of darts. We still go there to this day.

how they asked

I recently started my career as a flight attendant and we all know how crazy the holiday traveling can be. With the holidays around the corner, crazy busy work schedules, and barely enough time to see each other, we had no time to decorate our house for our first Christmas together. All we had was our Christmas tree decorated with a few light strands, but it didn’t matter, we had each other. We had picked out my engagement ring (together) a couple weeks prior and he had already spoke with my dad and received his blessing. On 12/22, he had asked me not to plan anything the following night because he wanted to take me to dinner. My stomach dropped, I knew it was coming. The whole next day I couldn’t think straight but by the time he got home from work and I had finished with errands, it was close to 9pm. After driving around for over an hour we headed home. Knowing this was possibly our last night off together until the holidays were over, he could tell how sad and disappointed I was. He began telling me how much he loved me, how I was his best friend, and how far we’ve come as individuals and as a couple. As we pulled up to our home, I saw our entire house lit up with Christmas lights. My first thought, “Wow! Did Dad come over and do that?” Once I got out of the car I heard footsteps and whispers upstairs. My second thought, “OMG! Someone broke into our house! Babe! Go upstairs!” At that point he was getting out of the car and told me to go up the back stairs, he’d meet me there in a bit. When I turned towards the bottom of the stairs, I saw rose petals scattered all the way up our staircase. At this point, I knew it was happening. I blindly made my way up the stairs and opened the door to more rose petals, balloons with pictures of our past four years together, Christmas lights strung across the windows, and a pathway made of tea candles. When I finally looked up, he was standing at the end of that path, fully changed into a new outfit, telling me to walk towards him. As I began walking, I realized that there was music in the background. The song, “Mele A Ka Pu`uwai,” was being played-the song I danced for my grandfather’s funeral. I stopped as a wave of emotion overtook me, I could barely walk-it felt like he was there. Alaka`i’s voice brought me back to reality as I heard him tell me to walk towards him. What felt like a cloud, I finally reached him as he held my hands in his. I barely remember what he said but as he got on one, then two knees, he asked me to marry him. I didn’t say yes, but, OF COURSE! He got to his feet, hands shaking, and pulled the ring out of the box. He must have been nervous too, he almost put the ring on my right hand..And as if the night couldn’t get any better, the lights when to bright and who else but our closest friends start cheering. Our friends (who we had already decided on being in our bridal party) jumped out of their hiding spots-the bathroom, the dining table, the kitchen island, the Christmas tree-and cheered us on with congratulations. My hanai brother, Lance, knew how much I missed my grandfather and played that song so he could “be there” with us. We owe this special moment to all of our friends; Sasha, Shannon, Lance, Shawn, Sheana, Kai, Eddie, and Reina. I always dreamed of this moment, but this was everything and more.

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