Nantucket Marriage Proposal

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How we met: On an early September night in Nantucket, Sarah had gone out for dinner and drinks with a girl friend. She had been going through a torturous divorce involving an unpleasant battle over custody of her one and a half year old daughter, Virginia. Sarah and her friend wondered into 21 Federal Back Bar for an after dinner cocktail, where Carl was tending bar. Sarah admired the handsome blonde bartender who was smiling at her with his sparkling, bright blue, eyes. She wished she had visited the bar earlier in the summer.
Carl looked up from the bar to see a stunning brunette stroll in. His jaw literally dropped at the sight of her, which he only realized after his fellow bartender had to walked past him to tell him “jaw up!” Sarah said hi and sat down in front of him and ordered an espresso martini. As Carl smiled goofily at Sarah, the other bartender walked back past him and commented that he clearly had lost Carl for the night, and he was right. Carl chatted with Sarah while she drank her cocktail but when Sarah asked to pay for her drink Carl didn’t give her the check. Instead he made Sarah another cocktail hoping this would get her to stay longer so her could keep talking to her.

Sarah smiled as Carl made her another drink and decided to ignore her friend’s requests to meet them elsewhere. She wanted to stay and talk to the cute bartender a little while longer. After Carl made her several other concoctions Sarah knew it was time to leave or she wasn’t going to be able to walk home.

Carl watched Sarah leave not knowing her number and only knowing that she worked at the Sconset Cafe. He dragged one of his buddies all the way out to the cafe a couple times that week in hopes of seeing Sarah again, only to be disappointed because she was not working those nights.

The following weekend was Sarah’s birthday and when she and her friends walked into the Chicken Box, who did she run into but Carl. They danced the night away only to part ways without any numbers exchanged, again.

But don’t worry the happy ending…

They ran back into each other one night several months later! Sarah’s divorce had just gone though with full custody of Virginia. Carl, Sarah & Virginia were practically inseparable and it only took a week for them to exchange I love you’s. Carl, who was planning on traveling around South America for the winter, canceled his plans to stay nestled up on Nantucket with Sarah and Virginia.

Between then and now there have been plenty of bumps along the way, including having two more children, Lilly & Hutton. (SURPRISE!) Our long journey together has shown us though, that our love has only grown stronger and will continue to do so! We are committed to each other, our family, and making our love last through anything life hands us!

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how they asked: The topic of marriage had been on the table for awhile… 6+ years together… 3 kids later… yeah, it had been brought up more than a few times. Somehow that conversation became more serious and they started talking about their options if they were to actually tie the knot. One problem …money. With three kids it wasn’t like there was extra money lying around for an engagement ring and a wedding. Thankfully Sarah’s parents came to the rescue! Sarah’s mother hadn’t worn her engagement ring in years. (Though still very happily married, she had received an upgrade years earlier.) When Carl told Sarah’s mother that they finally wanted to get married, he asked if she might be willing to let him propose using her first ring. She was through the roof excited and thrilled to give him the ring.

Sarah knew Carl had the ring and kept wondering when he was going to finally propose, as it wasn’t easy keeping the secret from the kids that they were getting married.

Carl wanted to ask Sarah’s father for his permission first. After receiving his blessing, Carl asked their neighbor, friend and amazing photographer, Zofia Crosby, if she would meet them at Brant Point Lighthouse because he was going to pop the question. Regardless of the extremely short notice Zofia said “of course!” Carl then called Sarah to ask her to bring the kids to meet him at the lighthouse at 5.

Sarah knew what this meant and anxiously waited for the kids to finish their swim lessons so they could go meet him. When Sarah and the children got to the beach Carl was waiting for them and Zofia was capturing the moment.

Carl gathered his family around him and asked the kids, “How would you feel if we became a really family, forever?” Virginia (now 8) went crazy with joy! She jumped on Carl with such excitement she nearly knocked him over. And then there was Lilly (5) & Hutton (3)… they were more interested in playing in the sand. As Carl got down on one knee Sarah tried to get the other two to pay attention to what was happening with little success. Carl asked, Sarah said “Yes! Of course!”, Virginia wept with joy, and Lilly and Hutton continued to find treasures of their own on the beach. Sarah showed Lilly the ring saying, “Lilly look! Isn’t it beautiful?” … still no reaction! Carl finally went, “Lilly WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” Her reaction was priceless! Which she quickly followed up by asking “ Can I be the flower girl?”

Carl, Sarah and their three children were joined by both sets of parents for a champagne toast, and sparkling cider for the kids, to celebrate.

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