Nani and Stuart

How We Met

So we met on Instagram, He added me without thinking we will ever meet, He is from England and i am from Guatemala so the probabilities to know each other were absolutely 0 %. After talking for 6 months he decided to come to Guatemala without knowing any word in Spanish, without ever coming here before. He came and all my family loved him, he said he wanted to be with me and if this is God´s will for us to be together. He will leave England to come and conquer my heart. He came back and 2 months later he was back in Guatemala, without knowing where to work or what to do, just knowing he wanted to be with me and he will make everything to be with me. After 3 months of being here and conquer my heart with his amazing personality :’) we start this adventure on Nov 5th 2015, He lived in Guatemala for 1 year to understand my culture, loving my family and friends to be more involved with my world. After 1 year I went to England to visit his family and we have been long distance since that time.

how they asked

This April I went to England again without having an idea of what will happen and he proposed to me on April 11th. From the very first moment when he met me he said I am the one for this life and he stick on this and make it come true, even long distance couldn’t separate us and i fell in love for the way he fought for me and conquered my heart every day :´) , he made even the impossible possible, to be with me.

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