Nani and Robert

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City

How We Met

Robert and I are high school sweethearts. We have been together for 10 years, through long-distance and college. When he proposed our first day in New York I was still surprised.

How They Asked


Robert and I thought it would be a good idea to walk from Uptown to Chinatown for dinner. It was not a good idea especially in August. As native Phoenicians, we thought we could handle the humidity. After an hour walk we found a place to have dinner and after our food coma, we decided to take a sunset walk. We found the most adorable park, Columbus Park and decided to wander. Robert and I love pork buns and we were on the hunt for them. After taking a picture of a flower in this concrete jungle Robert told me to google a place for pork buns. I turned around to see his face white as snow and his hand in his pocket. THIS WAS IT.

because he was pale white I thought he didn’t mean to show me the ring. And also because we had reservations for a helicopter ride the next day and he accidentally sent me a screenshot of where he asked if he could propose during the flight. I quickly closed my eyes and turned away and said, “it’s okay I didn’t see it!” He is still standing there speechless so then I took off running screaming, “it’s okay, it’s okay, I’m sorry I didn’t see it.” Robert chased after me and said, “No, this is it!!” I screamed back, “this is it?!” He said, “yes, come here!” I can only imagine what people were thinking but then again it’s New York, they’ve seen weirder. I walked back and short and sweetly he said, “will you marry me?!” I jumped up and down did a dance (the cabbage patch) and said, “let’s do this!” Still on one knee he said, “Is that a yes?” I said, “YES!”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York City

We were so excited that we forgot about the pork buns and the next thing I knew we were on the Brooklyn bridge calling our families. While sitting in DUMBO I said, “we need to celebrate, let’s get ice cream.” We were hot, sweaty but over the moon and had ice cream under the Brooklyn bridge.