Nandy and Faiyaz

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how they asked

I have a fascination with castles. So one day, Sept 4th, 2016, Faiyaz came by and told me to get dressed, as we’re going out for the day. As we pulled into the driveway of Toronto’s famous Castle, Casa Loma, he said that since we’ve never done a tour there, we’ll do one today.

I was delighted. However, I was coming down with the flu and I started to get rather irritated as he took me from one corner of the Castle to the other. Little did I know that the photographer that he had arranged, along with my sister, was running late, so he was stalling.

He later took me into the garden of Casa Loma, got down on one knee and said to me “You’re a Princess & I would like to make you my Queen”, along with the rest of his speech..

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