Nandini and Vishnu

Image 1 of Nandini and Vishnu

How We Met

Vishnu was on a trip to NY to help take care of his dad after a medical procedure. He opened up his phone to go on Bumble and speak to his current matches when he matched with me thinking I was in California where he was living.

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Image 4 of Nandini and Vishnu

We started talking and one date led to another and we then found out that he has mentored my brother for many years and that my mom and his dad knew eachother for over 30 years through mutual friends. The coincidences along with our chemistry led us to believe we were meant to be.

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Image 5 of Nandini and Vishnu

How They Asked

Vishnu asked me to be dressed on a Friday night and said we were going to take a trip down memory lane. When he got to my house, he asked where we had our first date, I then replied Waterzoii, he said let’s go there!

Image 6 of Nandini and Vishnu

So we went and sat at the bar and had a drink just like our first date, he then said where did we go after, I said the Garden City Hotel Patio, so we walked there and as we approached, both our families and siblings were there with flowers and on the patio was a huge marry me sign in

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