Nancy and James

How We Met

Jimmy and I were born just hours and miles away from each other. Throughout our lives, our families moved from city to city. We grew up in the same areas, shadowing each other’s paths, but never crossed paths until our teenage years. We first met in middle school and even attended the same high school where we shared mutual friends, but we were only acquaintances. It was not until after high school where we established the foundation of our relationship.

Life became busy with work and school where we had not seen each other in quite some time, but we always remembered to reach out to each other every year on our birthday. We were not always in constant communication but it seems like our lives always ran parallel to each other.

On my last year of college, surprisingly, we ran into each other. We were always happy and excited to catch up with one another but never thought anything of it. Years later, we started reconnecting again but it was all on friendly terms. Little did we know that one day in 2013, when we were hanging out at our friend’s event, we realized how much we really enjoyed each other’s company and decided to spend more time with one another. As time passed, our friendship evolved and feelings were gained where we officially became a couple in Las Vegas, Nevada. Who would’ve thought?! We did not anticipate things to turn out this way. According to him, I ignored him throughout our lives. But the truth was probably because it took him over 20 years to turn on his charm!

how they asked

Las Vegas must be our lucky town! Living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas being just a few hours away, Sin City was a holiday break from our normal daily lives. A Las Vegas trip on Martin Luther King weekend was in the works for us, but I was hesitant about going because there were so many things going on at that time. Jimmy insisted that we should go to hangout and unwind. I thought about it and agreed so we cruised our way out of town.

January 14th 2017 is a day that I will never forget. We were having a lot of fun eating, drinking and playing. As we got closer to the evening, I spontaneously suggested that we should go to the High Roller Observation Wheel. However, Jimmy was very adamant that we should go back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I wanted to go right then and there but he wanted to go later in the evening. It was ridiculously funny to banter back and forth on our evening plans. Finally, when he said he was not feeling well, I agreed that we can go back to the hotel but under one condition – we would go to the Observation Wheel after his rest.

Later in the evening, we made our way to the Observation Wheel (we never made it to dinner!). We entered the pod with music and disco lights surrounding us. The ambiance was just so perfect! Our spirited drinks lifted us up as we spun our way to the top. We were enjoying the beautiful lights and view of the Las Vegas strip. As the wheel was reaching its peak, Jimmy went to the bar to get us drinks and unknowingly, he asked the bartender to capture a very special moment. Everyone onboard had a moment of silence as he reached for my hand, got down on one knee, and proposed! I was speechless with tears of happiness, and said “Yes!”.

We always had talks about getting married in the near future, but he sure did catch me by surprise. I did not expect a proposal to come this soon. He later shared that his original proposal plans were almost ruined when I insisted on going on the Observation Wheel much earlier as planned. His fibbing of not feeling well was well played! He was able to go back to the hotel to get the ring. I was very touched by his thoughtful proposal plans.

This is where it all started for us, in Vegas, where anything can happen! It was 20 years in the making but well worth the wait!

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