Nancy and Victor

Proposal Ideas Bermuda

How We Met

Victor and I had been dating for six years and I truly could not wait to be this mans wife!


Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bermuda

How They Asked

We had an upcoming vacation planned to celebrate his birthday and the start of my new job. We went away so many times together so I thought nothing of this. The days leading up to the vacation Victor told me that he wanted to do a private beach photo shoot on our first day in Bermuda. Victor normally never plans anything so intimate so I thought this might be it!

I started getting really excited. It was our third day of the cruise and the boat had docked in Bermuda, we were getting ready for the day and he didn’t tell me much about what to expect. The only thing I knew for certain was that we were meeting the photographer at 5pm. He seemed nervous that morning and wasn’t really his talkative self, something was up. It was raining on and off that day so he kept saying he hopes it clears up in time for the shoot. We met with the photographer at the set location and he walked us through the various parts of the island and took snaps of us along the way. When we finally got down to the beach the photographer told me to stand with my back towards Victor. He wanted to take photos of just me. Victor was standing behind me but I had no idea what he was doing. The photographer was taking photos of me but his eyes were on Victor. My heart was beating out of my chest as the photographer instructed me to turn around. That’s when I saw Victor down on one knee holding the ring, I thought my heart was going to explode. It felt as though time had stopped and it was the most beautiful image I’ve ever seen. All I could think was YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!