Nancy and Oscar


Our love story in a nut shell. Oscar’s little brother and my little bother played in the same soccer team (10 years ago) our families were constantly traveling to tournaments. We both dreaded going to these games! We also didn’t gravitate to each other because we had NOTHING in common. I lived on the complete opposite side of the county so it wasn’t like we had mutual friends or anything.


Spring 2018 I was graduating from Towson (Go tigers!) and a few weeks later Oscar graduated from Montgomery College (Go Raptors!) everything seemed like the planets and stars were lining up for us. I was offered my job and he got an awesome promotion at work. Everything was great! Especially when I ran into some messages between him and my friend discussing PROPOSAL!!!! I nearly fainted! I mean we always talked about it and I knew we would, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon! (I know we’d been dating for 6 years but come on our real lives had just started and our lives were changing and *me freaking out*) I knew without a doubt it was what I wanted what I always wanted especially with him because I mean I love him so much. So so much and we had accomplished something so tremendous together. Anyways skip forward to day of. Something was weird. He had scheduled a photoshot for graduation pictures for us. Nothing alarming until it started raining. I asked him to please reconsider and he was so persistent. So I figured what the heck. He said, “nothing ever goes as planned.” And that quote is something we literally live by. So I was like you’re right lets make the best of it. As I was getting ready, my parents are acting a little different. Getting ready and asking me what Oscar and I had planned was still going to happen today. THEY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE GRADUATION PICTURES! of course at the time I figured I had said something, but later realized that should have been the biggest give away! Anyways even with some idea I was completely caught off guard with his proposal. My parents were there and his parents, of course our brothers too. And the best part about it? He proposed right at the Germantown Soccer Plex Adventure Park! Full circle and carefully planned! I know! ALSO don’t forget our encounters always involve drizzles and the park to ourselves.


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Cylburn Arboretum
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