Nancy and Jose

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How We Met

From Nancy: A family member introduced him to the family and my mom encouraged me to meet him and it was all up to us after that!

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From Jose: I met Nancy while helping her mom do some work around her house. She was sick the day I met her and I could tell she felt embarrassed of how she looked at the time and the only thing I could think is, wow if she looks this beautiful sick how does she look like when she isn’t sick! I would make a point of coming by when I knew she was around and she always smiled and waved at me and that was enough for me to know I needed her in my life. One day I talked to her at a family BBQ and she was the one that was like ok here is my number call me! I did and we spoke every single day since that day!

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how they asked

From Nancy: After 2.5 yrs, he proposed on New Year’s Day after I said we could start thinking about that when the new year started and he didn’t lose any time! He proposed in Riverfront Park in the middle of a snow day. He was just walking very quickly and wasn’t saying much and then he stopped and dropped to one knee. I thought oh boy this is really happening! But I couldn’t have been happier!!!

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From Jose: I wanted to marry her right away and she expressed to me it’s gonna be awhile! In the mean time we worked on building not only a relationship but a friendship. When the time was right we talked about me proposing and she said anytime next year… well I didn’t lose anytime I was going to do it on New Year’s Day before she changed her mind. I wanted it to be in a memorable place that would be around forever so I could tell my kids this is where our lives changed. It was a wonderful winter day and we went to church as usual and I saw what shoes she was wearing… not winter friendly shoes but I knew I would have to make due. I told her let’s go to breakfast on the way there we went a different way. The entire time she kept asking where are we going. Finally we parked outside Riverfront park and she said what are we doing? I can’t go out there in these shoes but I told her I would help. Off I go to open the door when I nearly fell myself and I held her hand and off we went. She kept slipping but I held onto her more. She laughed among the craziness and finally when I got to where I wanted everything came together. It was just the two of us among all the snow and I knew this was the moment I want to ask her to be my wife and start our happily ever after.

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Special Thanks

Photography by Luba
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Finch Arboretum
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