Nancy and Jake

How We Met

Jake and I both met at a holiday work party. We had gone to the local bar afterward and I immediately was drawn to him once we walked through the doors. I had just told my manager how cute I thought he was before he came up to me and introduced himself. About two years later, we ended working in DC together where he played dumb and actually knew all along I’d be coming into the city! After a few lunch dates and playing hard to get, I finally give in to dinner and drinks. Later that summer, we ended up going to Boston the exact same weekend unplanned and we met up with my family and his friends. The next morning, he asked me to be his girlfriend (well I asked my cousin first while we were all in the same room and of course she said, yes!)

How They Asked

Because we were out of town the time we made it official, we made it a point to go out of town for our anniversary. The first year we went to Disney World where I honestly thought Jake may propose but turns out he was thinking the same thing and already bought the ring. This was our first big trip since we were traveling overseas! We decided on Cancún because we both had never been. After a sleepless night of packing and getting ready, we made it to the airport. We both thrive on coffee and cannot function without it. We made it through TSA and both sprinted to the closest place we can find coffee and food. After boarding the shuttle to get to our gate, I looked down to only notice I left my carry-on bag at TSA. We panicked for a second then ran to our gate to see what our options were. We were told that we wouldn’t make it back on time but whoever was fastest to go back to TSA. I looked at Jake and said, “Babe, do you got this?” Knowing that poor guy was running on E and still needed his coffee. He hands me his backpack (which had the ring in it!) and he prepared to sprint to the other side of the airport. With literally a minute to spare and being the last two passengers to board, we made it to Mexico three hours later.

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The next day was our two year anniversary and Jake planned the whole day out! We had breakfast on the balcony, followed by a couples’ massage and a photoshoot before dinner on the beach! I always said I wanted cute professional photos of us so I didn’t think anything of it. He must have left all his nerves behind at the airport because I had no idea he was proposing! Our photographer instructed us to be back to back and being so oblivious. I turn around to see him down on one knee – of course, I immediately lost it and said yes! It felt as though we were the only two on the beach at that moment.

Special Thanks

Secrets the Vine Cancún
 | Photographer