Nancy and Bryan

How We Met

I think Bryan and I met before we even knew it. For years we both lived in Guatemala. We had some mutual friends, including his girlfriend at that time. Also, I used to go every day to his neighborhood but I never knew he existed.

By 2008 we were both back in L.A. and that’s when I met Bryan in high school. We started being friends, we found out that we had mutual friends in Guatemala, and yes! Including my friend/his ex-girlfriend. Oh wow! What a small world!

In 2013, Bryan and I started to hanging out more often until the day he unexpectedly asked me to be his girlfriend and ever since that day we’ve been partners in crime.

” The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly.”

Image 1 of NANCY and BRYAN

how they asked

While we were on our trip in San Diego, Bryan and I booked a room with Jacuzzi included. It was a nice quiet place. Pretty cool for our get away.

We were both tired that we were going to take a bath. I was seating on the bed watching TV and Bryan was “preparing” the Jacuzzi so we could get in.

Bryan walked towards me and took his shirt off and covered my eyes with it. I was confused for a moment. He grabbed my hands and made me walk to the restroom. He uncovered my eyes and the first thing I saw was the ring placed on the edge of the Jacuzzi and heard “will you marry me?” while he was hugging me from behind. This made me melt!

Image 2 of NANCY and BRYAN