Nancy and Andy

How We Met

Andy and I met when we were 16 years old. I slid into his DMs one night after my cousin had mentioned him. So me being the direct person that I am, I did just that. We officially met in person after talking for about a month, this was back in August 2013. We had our first date at the movies… (friendly disclaimer: do NOT go to the movies for your first date when you have NEVER met the person it is not ideal). We only talked for about 10 minutes the entire date. I thought he was such a cutie and a sweet boy, luckily that hasn’t changed. When we look back he always reminds me how awkward I was, I seriously did not look in his direction more than 5 times. In my head, I was thanking the universe that he didn’t catfish me, LOL.

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Nancy and Andy's Engagement in Oahu, Hawaii

So naturally, after that night, we kind of had to go on another date to actually, you know, talk to one another. When we did we clicked instantly. We both couldn’t bring ourselves to shut up. Sometimes I remember things that he said or I said and I literally cringe because we were so little and thought we were SO cool. We went through the rest of high school together with one little short breakup but even then we still talked EVERY DAY. Fast forward four more years and we got to experience college together which was SO much fun. We’ve been so lucky to grow up together, but one of the things I value most is how much we’ve grown individually over all this time as well!

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How They Asked

We have always had conversations about getting engaged and what it would be like to be married. It really started to get serious after we graduated from college in May 2019. We started to go ring shopping that November so he could get an idea of what ring we liked best. Thankfully we both fell in love with the same style! After that first day of ring shopping, Andy kept everything from me and I was in the dark (no matter how much I tried to be sneaky and snoop around). He really wanted to surprise me and since I had told him all my big dreams about a “perfect” engagement on a vacation or somewhere tropical he really wanted me off the scent of it happening in Hawaii. So to do that he made up this whole story about how he couldn’t afford a ring at the time, especially since we just graduated and he had just started a new job. Me being trusting in his every word, as per usual, I totally bought into it. Once we got to Hawaii for our trip, being proposed to honestly never crossed my mind like I thought it would. He had my entire family in on it, which I am just still shocked to this day that they didn’t somehow ruin the surprise.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Oahu, Hawaii

On the morning of the proposal, we walked to this little shopping center about a mile away to get some breakfast. Andy and I both really wanted to check out this spot that was a little farther from our hotel because the view looked amazing. This is where his plans started to come into play because Andy already had gone to see this spot a couple of days prior and scheduled a photographer weeks before our trip to capture the moment when he asked. I fell in LOVE with this spot almost immediately, it was STUNNING. The mountains and the view of the ocean was everything to me, I am a sucker for a good view. I basically set the scene for myself at this point because Andy and I were going to dinner that night and I suggested we watched the sunset from this spot before eating. So basically he didn’t even have to come up with an excuse to get me out there without being suspicious. We spent the rest of our day relaxing at the beach then went in to get ready for dinner. Andy and I Ubered over to the spot to watch the sunset because it was a little bit of a walk. Once we got there he and I were just taking pictures on my phone because it was golden hour and everything looked so unreal. We walked over to the rocks and that’s when I started to catch on.

By this point, I was looking at his pockets trying to see if anything square-shaped might have been in them. I had a small feeling that this may be, JUST MAYBE might be the moment. So we make it to the edge of the cliff, take some selfies out on the rocks, and for one of the pictures I put my hand on his chest and his heart was literally beating out of his chest. Just as quickly as I look away from taking the picture he is literally getting down on one knee. My first reaction was to laugh, and then seconds later I’m UGLY crying. I swear we both blacked out after that, to this day neither of us even know what he said. But since I wasn’t paying attention to anything he was saying, and I was just losing my mind, I had no idea he had already asked the question so at this point we just stared at each other in silence for about 10 seconds. Then I realized he was done talking and had asked the question. All I could get out was “OH, YEAH, OH MY GOD, YES!” mixed with more tears and more laughing.

That’s when I saw the photographer and I melted. Everything was so intentional, and well planned out. I was seriously so grateful that he hired such a talented person to capture this special moment of our lives together! We were both at an all-time high. After we took pictures, my family came walking towards us which was seriously MAGICAL. We Facetimed Andy’s family soon after he asked, and let me tell you I could NOT stop crying. I seriously will never forget all of the emotions from that night. The overwhelming love we felt from everyone has been nonstop. The rest of the night we spent celebrating with my family at the Four Seasons. He made my every possible wish and dream come true that night, and I know he always will.

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