Nana and Shane

How We Met

We met through the USC Masters Program. We are both teachers (I work with kids, he works with adults). We are passionate about working with English learners and are so happy that this was the reason we met in the first place!

how they asked

My family and close friends knew and had been planning since March. A few weeks before 8/18/18, my best friend’s husband asked me and my boyfriend to be a part of her “surprise birthday picnic”. He told me that he had to work on her actual birthday, so he wanted to celebrate early. I thought I was totally in on the secret. I was asked to take my bestie for a nice long lunch so that the boys could have plenty of time to set up and prepare for the surprise picnic.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in William R. Mason Reional Park

Where to Propose in William R. Mason Reional Park

Once I received the “Ok” text from the boys, I took my bestie to the park where she would be surprised. I remember I kept telling her not to look yet until we got closer to the spot. As we got closer, I started to hear beautiful voices singing some of me and my boyfriend‘s favorite songs. I immediately thought about my boyfriend at that moment. We got closer and saw the adorable romantic picnic set up the boys had done and my bestie and I started crying! My best friend’s husband was standing next to the tree so I pushed my bestie towards him, hoping to give them some privacy in such a romantic setting.

But she told me to come with her.. Wondering why I walked a little closer to the setup. Right as I noticed that the photos wrapped around the tree were OUR photos, my boyfriend walked out from behind the tree. Our songs continued to be sung as I read his sweet message cards in tears (he was crying more). He took out a Tiffany blue box as he got down on one knee, and just like that, we were engaged.

Special Thanks

Tatiana Evseeva
 | Photographer
Matsumotos, Liliedahls, & the Lazars
 | Planning
Ben Greenburg & Simone Wilson
 | Planning