Nam and Arjun

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How We Met

Arjun and I met during our freshman year of college at the University of Arizona. I saw him for the first time on moving day and realized we both had the last name, Singh. All our dorm mates initially thought we were siblings (lol). We gave each other the friendly neighbor nods for a long time and eventually he mustered up the courage to ask me if I needed help on my econ homework. I said “no thanks” and according to him “that was the end of that.”

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A few weeks after move-in, after a long night of partying, we both ended up at the local market outside our dorm. It was 1 am and the market was packed with college kids wanting drunchies. While most people were in line for breakfast burritos, I had my eye on the last pack of cracker stacker Lunchables. As I made my way to the freezer section, I saw Arjun swoop in and grab the Lunchables before I could. I was MAD. After 2 minutes of negotiating, he suggested that we go back to the dorm and share it. Little did he know that the way to my heart was through my stomach. We ended up eating our Lunchables and chatting for hours. I instantly felt like I had known him for my entire life.

That night was our first (unofficial) dinner date and the next morning when I woke up to his number on my phone, I knew that he was going to be someone special in my life! Here we are almost 9 years later!

How They Asked

Mexico is one of our favorite vacation spots and we had been super excited for our upcoming stay at the Waldorf Astoria in Cabo. The first morning we were there, Arjun told me he had planned a special brunch for us on a rooftop. Everyone who knows me, knows that brunch is my favorite meal of the day, so I was super excited (mostly for the french toast and mimosas.)

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He was paying extra close attention to my outfit and makeup which made me a bit suspicious but I didn’t think too much of it. As we walked over to the brunch spot, I noticed Arjun’s hands began to get super clammy. Something inside me knew that this was the moment and before I could react I heard a violinist playing in the distance and instantly realized what was happening.

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We walked up to a pathway lined with photos from all 8 years of our relationship. A violinist was playing our favorite songs and we started walking hand in hand down “memory lane.” We stopped at each photo and took a few seconds to talk about the moment in time it was taken. From freshman year of college at 18 years old all the way to last month as we celebrated my 27th birthday. The pictures and our journey to this point brought me to tears.

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We then made our way to a beautifully decorated table and this is where I really lost it. Arjun had found a way to bring some of the most sentimental items from the US to Mexico without me noticing. He had Taco Bell sauces that said “Marry Me” which commemorated my over-the-top LOVE for Taco Bell. He brought the binder that I gifted him for our first Valentine’s Day in 2013. And the best and probably most thoughtful part of the entire proposal was the box of Cracker Stacker Lunchables that he carefully carried with him in his backpack all the way from SF. Lunchables were the meal we shared on the night we first met in college. Who knew that one night of eating Lunchables would lead to an 8-year relationship, and now this?

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Finally, Arjun led me to a beautiful archway and got down on one knee. With the ocean behind us and “Perfect” playing on the violin, Arjun asked me to marry him. I said “DUHH” and we gave each other the tightest hugs followed by a fist bump. I was still in total shock and thinking back to that moment feels like a dream.

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After he popped the question, we were served the most delicious brunch by the incredible staff at the Waldorf. They kept our champagne glasses and bellies full and we spent the rest of the time enjoying the view (and my shiny new accessory).

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After face timing friends and family, making it IG official, and taking photos, we enjoyed a beautiful private dinner on the beach followed by fireworks and dancing. Arjun and I met when we were 18, have gone through college, long-distance, new jobs, living in different time zones, and I can’t believe all of that finally brought us to getting engaged. I wish I could re-live this day over and over again. It truly was the best day of my life.

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Special Thanks

Daniela Ortiz
 | Photographer