Nalicia and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met through Facebook when he requested me on New Year’s Eve. There was just something about him that was so special and immediately we started to message each other on January 1st, 2011 which was minutes after New Year. Fast forward, February 1st, 2011 we made it official after meeting up with each other. We were supposed to go inside Panera Bread for lunch but I was so shy that I made him stay in the parking lot and we talked in his car for a while.

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How They Asked

Ryan surprised me on my birthday December 13th, 2020 with a pink box that had a bunch of other boxes inside. Eventually, when I got to the last box there was a note that said, will…you…go…to…DUBAI with me?! (Dubai has always been on my bucket list). The trip was supposed to happen in February so we could also celebrate a decade with each other but due to the pandemic, we canceled it and waited until July. We left for our trip on July 11th. On Thursday, July 15th, Ryan told me that he was taking me somewhere but I did not think it would be a proposal, I thought he was just going to take me out for dinner somewhere nice. The dress I wore for my proposal was supposed to be worn the day after to a restaurant I made reservations for but before I got dressed, Ryan told me to wear that dress instead.

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I got dressed and he had to wait for a while although he told me to be dressed by 6:30 PM. I was getting very annoyed because it was so hot, and I hate waiting! He kept saying the Uber was taking too long but finally we left our hotel room. I didn’t even realize that instead of him pressing the elevator to go down, he pressed it to go up. When I came out, we were greeted by one of the hotel workers, and it just so happened that when I went to close my bag, it was giving me a hard time so he told the woman standing there to please hold my bag for me.

He held my hand and walked me out the door, at this point I thought we were going to do dinner at the top of the hotel which was absolutely beautiful and I had previously mentioned to him that I would love to have dinner up there but it was way too expensive! But, as we kept walking, I saw the MARRY ME sign and I broke down crying!

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I was in absolute disbelief that this was happening especially after a decade of being together! We have traveled to multiple places, but this was the best trip and the most perfect proposal ever! He made all my dreams come true!

P.S. Everything prior to this proposal made perfect sense! Ryan also told me he was going to meet someone in the hotel for a timeshare meeting and, boy, do I hate those things so I told him I was not going to go!

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Special Thanks

Ryan Mangar
 | Planning