Nakita and Logan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Burris Valley Ranch, Oklahoma

How We Met

We met the weekend of Halloween in 2014, I was working a car wash event at Back 9 in Addison, and Logan had pulled up in his new truck, and I had asked him if would like for us to wash it, and his response was “if you want”, so we did.

We had met once before at another event at the Back 9 but it wasn’t till this weekend that we truly got to know each other. After the event was over we hung out and talked for hours, he was so shy, yet funny. But something about him just gave me all sorts of butterflies.

The following day The Back 9 was hosting a car show and I was supposed to get a ride with Logan’s friend Mike, but fate stepped in and I ended up going with Logan instead. Making it the best non-official first date ever! From that date onward we were best friends, we texted all the time and hung out like every day. He brought so much light to my day even when it was already sunny. He always knew how to make me laugh.

On November 10th, 2014 Logan took me out for my birthday dinner to Salt Grass Steakhouse and asked me officially to be his girlfriend. I was so excited cause by that point I was falling hard for him.

Years passed, our love for each other grew, and the friendship became stronger than ever. Within those four years, we have lived in two apartments and this past July we bought our first house together.

And now we get to build our family in our house❤

How They Asked

So November is my birthday month, and Logan asked me to be his girlfriend November 10th, 2014, the day before my birthday. We usually go wheeling on my birthday weekend together, cause it’s our way of having a mini vacation, we recently have been going to Burris Valley Ranch, OK because they have the best trails, and the view is just amazing!! It’s completely a calming factor to me, being able to see nature’s beauty. It doesn’t matter how many times we go, it has also just given me that pure joy feeling. Anyways our plan was to head out on Friday evening after work that way we could enjoy all day Saturday wheeling, cause we leave on Sunday ( like I said mini vacay) LOL. Plus we were celebrating our 4 year anniversary on Saturday and my birthday on Sunday, so we were packed and ready to go as soon as we got home. On the drive to the ranch, you have to drive down the longest dirt road, it almost feels never-ending. But it’s surrounded by mountains and cattle, and it’s completely calming.

So we are driving on that long dirt road and its pitch black outside, but the stars are clear as ever, so we are just relaxed and jamming out to our favorite country songs… Thomas Rhett and Kane Brown. When our song comes on “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett. Logan slowly stops the truck and says get out, let’s dance, so we did. We danced in the dark with our headlights beaming at us, which was kinda of blinding at some moments but it was totally worth it:)

Then we hopped back in and continued driving till we pulled into the park and got settled in our camper. That next morning we rounded up with our friends and hit the hardest trail called “Asylum”. We had the times of our lives though, and we didn’t break anything, which for any of you who know wheeling, that’s a conquer in itself lol. We finally make our way back to the site and let me tell you it was so freaking cold!!! I had what it felt like a million layers on plus a headlamp to see where I was walking LOL ( I’m known to be clumsy). So us girls decided to warm up inside our camper taking our off all the layers of jackets and sweaters so we can relax for a bit, brushing out our tangled hair and fixing up dinner, and replenishing our drinks…wink-wink, plus of course girl talk. Then we decided to hang out with the guys, so we put back on all those layers and walk outside to our men who were listening to music and hanging around by the buggies. When Logan grabs my hand and says lets dance, which we both love to do, so It never occurred to me what was about to happen.

So we danced to ” I know she ain’t ready” by Luke Combs. You know how you see in movies, a couple is dancing and it shows how the couple is feeling by showing the room with tons of people but to them, it feels like no one is around. Well that happened, I had no idea that no one else was dancing with us, or was standing around watching us, with their phones out.

Nakita and Logan's Engagement in Burris Valley Ranch, Oklahoma

At some point in the middle of Logan spinning me, I had bumped into him and had said “I feel like we are dancing marshmallows” cause we both had huge Carhartt jackets on, Logan laughs of course and kisses me and we continue to dance. It wasn’t till the second to last turn when I saw all our friends and other wheelers standing there with all their phones out recording and taking pictures, so I then asked Logan what was going on, and then he kissed me, spun me, and got down on one knee, and asked me “will you marry me”.

I, of course, say YES! And jump around like a little girl nearly rolling my ankle Lol. Till he stood and we both held each other and took in the moment, of being engaged and enjoying the love we both had for another.

We then got to enjoy our exciting news with all of our friends and families.

Funny note: I still can’t believe I had my headlamp on my head the entire time, lol

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