Najeeb and Sarah

Marriage Proposal Ideas in 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

How We Met

I moved to NYC to work at this company called Greenhouse Software in July of 2017 (from Boston). Sarah just moved from Dubai to work for the same company later that month – we actually met each other within the first few weeks of both moving to NYC.

At the time I truly had no idea that she’d be my future wife but I was certainly intrigued from that first moment. The amazing thing about meeting someone at work is you have the ability to interact and connect with them every day. We really got to know each other for the first six months and it was in 2018 where our relationship really took off.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

After our first date, seeing her in the office wasn’t enough – I asked if she wanted to grab sushi a few days later. I then asked if she wanted to go to the central park a few days after that. I wanted to spend every minute I could with her outside the office. I knew almost immediately after that, this was going to be wife.

Proposal Ideas 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

How They Asked

I had been planning it out for months! I wanted it to be a complete surprise but it was so hard to keep to myself. One of her best friends flew in from Minnesota to act as the diversion for the weekend. Came up with a believable back story that my friend was throwing a surprise birthday party @ 1 Hotel in Brooklyn so they could show up on time etc.

She always mentioned to me it’d be fun to celebrate afterward with our friends. As NYC transplants most of our friends don’t live in the city so I was able to get some of our closest friends to all fly in for a surprise afterward in the lounge below the roof. My fiance always has her nails done but her friend took her to the salon right before to make sure she got something extra special.

I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel to meeting them with my heart racing cause they got stuck in some traffic and texting all of our friends to hide so they wouldn’t be seen. Fortunately, when she arrived I got her up to the roof, she was confused because she thought the party was downstairs and she walked into a slight tornado of rose petals flying around due to the wind.

From there she was so shocked! I had Gavin hiding in the corner snapping pics away and afterward, we walked into the lounge and they started playing Bruno Mars – Marry You with all of our friends there waiting for the surprise.