Naiomi and Takato

How We Met

Takato was working as a deli manager in Safeway ( a local grocery store) and I was the branch manager of the bank that was inside of Safeway and one day I decided to get a breakfast sandwich and he rushed over to make mine and never did I think a smile could make me melt more than the pepper jack cheese on my sandwich but it did.

Naiomi and Takato's Engagement in In the middle of the Grand Canyon!

We became friends and for two years crushed hard on one another but both were unavailable, one day we both finally decided to grab ice cream after work and sitting across from my silly goofball covered in his ice cream I knew it had to be him and that was officially our first day well worth the two-year wait.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In the middle of the Grand Canyon!

how they asked

I planned a Las Vegas trip for my loves 21st birthday and to my surprise he planned my proposal on that trip we headed to Vegas from California with his twin and her boyfriend as well. Everyone was in on it beside me and on our last day in Las Vegas Takato said he planned a date for us and as we walked downstairs his twin sister and her boyfriend began recording us , he blindfolded me and led me into a limo and once inside he took my blindfold off and when we stopped we arrived at Sundance helicopters!

Neither of us had been on one, he didn’t tell me where it’s going but as we took on and had a perfect flight that I didn’t think could get better to my surprise I was wrong, the pilot announced we would be landing… in the Grand Canyon!

We landed dead center and got out of the helicopter, awaiting us was lunch and champagne along with videographer and photographers and in the middle of the Grand Canyon, my best friend asked me to spend every moment of my life with him! Am done I said YES!

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