Nailea and Phil

Nailea and Phil's Engagement in Monument Valley
We had actually gotten stranded in the desert the night before the proposal. We were making our way to Monument valley and we stopped to watch the sunset. He went to go grab his sweater and accidentally ended up locking the keys in the trunk. There we were in the middle of the desert with the sun sinking in the sky, locked out of our rental car and I remember thinking that even though it sucked (IT WAS SO COLD and I was 100 percent terrified) that I love him more than anything in the world, that our life together is just one wild adventure after another. Finally we got rescued and made it to Monument Valley the next day where he proposed. He said that if I could love him through him locking the keys in the trunk of the car that I could love him through anything haha! Here’s to a million more adventures!

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