Nafiza and Justin

How We Met

Just over 3 years ago, I met my best friend and fiancé Justin by beating him at a softball game. We were first introduced by a mutual friend at a party. Neither of us was interested in dating, simply because we were enjoying life. I was asked to join a floor hockey team that Justin also played on. It must have been the short shorts, the pink sweater or the sweaty ponytail but Justin had developed a crush on me. I always thought Justin was cute but I don’t mix my sports with relationships. After a month of playing on the team, I was invited to a Halloween Party with the floor hockey crew.

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I was dressed as Princess Jasmine and Justin as Wolverine. We spent the night chatting, maybe even a little flirting, and had a few shots of tequila together. The next morning I get a text message from an unknown number. Justin had gotten my number from a mutual friend and was checking to see if I had gotten home safely. A group of us met again for another Halloween party the next day but only half of us were in our costume. Justin showed up later in his Wolverine costume (white wife beater, jeans and claws) and without even realizing what was happening, he asked me “to hang out outside of hockey.”

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I didn’t hear him correctly and responded with “yeah, I’ll see you at hockey.” He then said “no, outside of hockey.” It felt like forever before my brain processed what was going on and I asked him, “are you asking me out on a date?” to which he replied “Yes!” My brain still being in freeze mode, I asked him “Where are we going?” The poor guy probably hadn’t given any thought to it at that point but he replied with “I’ll get the first and you get the second date.” Justin had already decided that he knew we would be going out again after our first date. And we did. And we’ve never stopped dating. Life is a very interesting journey and looking back at it now, there were many signs that showed me that I was destined to meet Justin.

how they asked

Justin and I had talked about what the future looked like for the both of us but one topic that he would not talk about was getting engaged. He is very traditional when it comes to “wedding” stuff and made it clear that he would not be discussing anything engagement or wedding related with me because he believes in the proposal being a surprise. I can absolutely respect that but I am not one for surprises. I am a planner. We were building a future together, just recently moved in to a new apartment and were spending times furnishing our new home. Justin would talk about puppies and babies but didn’t give any clues as to when we would take our next step. We recently had been spending more time up in Kelowna and Justin asked if we wanted to go up for a weekend to relax and check out a few wineries. The day before we were leaving, I made a joke to him asking if “I should get my nails done, hint hint” to which he responded by giving me the look of “what are you talking about.” That obviously wasn’t happening on this trip. We get up to Kelowna early the next day and Justin said he had a surprise for me.

He wanted to take me to Predator Ridge to go golfing and to stay at one of the cabins on the golf course as he’s talked about it for years and it is one of his favorite golf spots. I got mad at him for spending extra money but agreed to going to his favorite spot. We spent the next day going to different wineries and then took off to go to Predator Ridge. As we get on the property, I see a sign for Sparkling Hill Resort and say to him that I didn’t realize that it was so close to Predator Ridge. Justin goes to me “surprise, we’re spending the night at Sparkling Hill. I remember how much you’ve wanted to go here.” Again, a person that’s not for surprises, I proceeded to get mad at him again for spending so much money (Sparkling Hill is not cheap for those that are unaware of the place!). He reassured me that he got a good rate (which he didn’t) and that he just wanted to treat me. We check-in and go into our room and I start crying. Nothing has even happened yet, I’m simply crying because the room is so beautiful and I’ve got the best boyfriend in the whole entire world who tries to makes all my wishes come true. We decide to change and head down to the infinity pool.

Justin opens up a bottle of the wine we had just bought and poured us each a small glass. He went to the bathroom as I stared out the balcony window looking out into the beautiful Okanagan and people below. Justin is taking an awfully long time in the bathroom, so I give him a little shout to hurry up! He finally comes out and heads towards me by the balcony window. He says to me “I have one more surprise…(I’m thinking he’s taking me to the cool spa in the resort) and you have to say yes.” As he reaches his hand into his pocket, I knew exactly what was happening and I start to cry. I don’t even hear him at this point as he’s kneeling down and showing me my gorgeous engagement ring. He asked me “is that a yes?”

To which I replied, “Yes…are you sure?” He laughs and says “yes!” I jump up on him and we’ve got a crowd below cheering us on. Justin then drinks ¾ of the bottle of wine in 5 minutes while I sit on the bed staring at my finger and thinking “what the heck just happened.” We called my mom and brother on Facetime to show them where Justin had brought me to and then end with showing them what was now on my finger. Both my mom and brother start cheering and crying. We then called Justin’s parents, who were waiting the whole time. They congratulated us both! Justin and I spent a few minutes letting close family and friends know before heading down to the pool. I was in complete shock the whole time. We decided to get ready for dinner and as we were heading down, we saw a couple coming into their room. They asked us how our day was going and I couldn’t help but want to tell someone, ANYONE, about our big news.

I told them that we had just gotten engaged and the lady ran up to us and gave Justin and I a big hug. We spent the rest of our weekend celebrating (sometimes a little too hard) and sharing the news with any stranger that would listen. I am so happy that Justin did things his way because it made the event that much more special and meaningful. For a girl that doesn’t like surprises, it was by far the best and most memorable surprise of my life and I am so lucky and excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with my team mate, partner-in-crime and best friend.