Nadine and Stefan

How We Met

We met one early Thursday morning at a sales meeting in Miami, Fl. I was so sleepy from partying the night before LOL so wasn’t thrilled for this meeting. I made little effort threw on my clothes and mascara and out the door. Stefan walked into the meeting an hour later and I could not take my eyes off him. I introduced myself afterward and just had a feeling I’d see him right after the meeting. I went home after the meeting, put myself together and off to my store. Like I figured, he was there. I played it cool and Stefan decided to question my sales skills, I couldn’t hold my sarcasm back as I responded and Stefan couldn’t believe it. LOL! But he liked it! Haha! Fair enough we spoke afterward he gave me a piece of his mind and left. I get a message from Facebook the next day and he talked about work and ended the chat asking for my number! Well, here we are 5 years later!

how they asked

It was Stefan’s bday on 3/5/18. I had been to Chicago before for a work convention and I was dying to come back with him. Finally, I found a great opportunity and decided to celebrate his bday that weekend. His best friend was on board and joined us. He had some work commitment in Chicago so it worked out. We arrive and the plan was to go to the Willis tower Saturday night after dinner. Apparently, we were invited for a construction tour. All I could think of is how am I going to walk around this construction tour in heels? And what could they possibly be constructing in this building? Last time I saw it was during the day. Views were amazing so I was excited to see at night. we arrive and the whole front entrance is under construction… yes I ate up the whole story after that. We get checked in at the front desk and had a tour guide.

We headed upstairs after visiting a few floors and as we walk in I see the view and I’m just blown away! I remember taking a pic to my right and in my head, I thought if he were to ever propose it has to be here!! Well…10 minutes later we get to the sky deck and I’m taking pictures left and right the camera lady asked us to look up for a pic as I look up and smile I turn around to take more pics he then says “babe” my response was “what!” LOL, I was busy taking pics and I see him get down on one knee… My heart was literally on the first floor! I hear the words “will you marry me” and I was laughing, crying and just speechless! I said yes after he was on his knee for a good 27 seconds lol! The craziest part was leaving, we get on the escalator after the proposal to Return to the main entrance and my red bottom got stuck! Ended up breaking the escalator teeth. Lol… the shoes survived, but needed repairing! The shoe repair place couldn’t believe it! Anyone would cry seeing their Loubs in that condition but I was just in LaLa land!