Nadine and Sheldon

How We Met

Image 1 of Nadine and Sheldon

A bond built on the foundation of friendship is where our love story began and now continues to unfold. Sheldon and I first crossed paths at our church in 2009, which was all in God’s plan for our lives with a future date in mind. From platonic “hellos” few and far between, to frequent conversations and working closely on the children’s, youth and drama ministry teams – fondness, camaraderie and a mutual respect grew. We found that we had a lot more in common than met the eye and those similarities in thought, faith and life experiences nurtured the safeness and solace that brought about an effortless connection – a connection that fused our hearts together as one.

It happened so naturally – easy, heartfelt conversation; no pretense, false encounters and putting on heirs. But caring for the nature of the friendship and wanting to preserve what we deemed so special, we proceeded with caution as not to destroy what we had. So in March of 2012, we officially decided to take the leap of faith and today we are so happy we did.

how they asked

Sheldon informed me weeks prior that he had planned a photo shoot for the 2 of us. We didn’t have any professional pictures together up until that point, so this would be the ideal opportunity. He told me to dress in something I wouldn’t mind taking photos in and he would pick me up after work. He later decided to give me a ride to work that morning and picked me up to head to take our photos.

Image 2 of Nadine and Sheldon

He informed me ahead of time that we had to be at the beach club at a certain time to capture some outdoor photos at sunset. We arrived at the venue this beautiful day, the first day of fall, and met the photographer that would be working with us and the manager of the venue who would be showing us around to the various locations on the site. We took a few shots on the pier and by the gazebo taking in the turning night sky and then we were told to head toward the beach for the last round of photos.

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When we arrived to the sandy shore, there was a chuppah set up with tiki lamps. I was told by the venue manager that they had a wedding there recently and didn’t take the set up down. After getting to a certain point underneath what I didn’t know at the time was a mic’d up arch, the photographer continued to take our picture.

Image 4 of Nadine and Sheldon

Sheldon was advised to use the props nearby for the next shot, which was suppose to be a bottle of champagne. When he bent down to grab the “champagne,” he got up and said my name, “Nadine Hawthorne,” and when I looked, he had a ring box in his hand.

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Shortly there after, he signaled to the venue manager who then said “Come On Out Guys” and before I knew it, my family members and friends came out from within the enclosed cabanas to witness this very special moment in my life.

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After 3 1/2 years of dating, he asked me to be his wife in the most special way and happily and tearfully I accepted – I said “Yes.” And now the journey to the altar continues.

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