Nadia- Lois and Romain

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My two housemates and I have planned to take a trip to Negril for the longest time. They decided to have me sit down and chose a date and I chose February 10, 2018. I was suspicious of my housemates’ behavior at times. However, I did not suspect it was about the Proposal even though I know it was impending. Also, because of this impending proposal, they had me get my nails done the Friday before the trip to Negril so I was not even suspicious! The day came and we had a blast! We went on the white sandy beach of Negril and then to an Italian restaurant, while all this time my housemates were Whatsapping my bf and my cousin. To end the day, we planned to watch the sunset at Ricks Cafe’ where unbeknownst to me my bf, his friend and my cousin were waiting for us to arrive. We walked around a little then they took me upstairs. The plan was to keep me in the bathroom while I read a note from him, however, I came out too early so the note was given to me then. After reading the note I got teary-eyed and turned around. I found my boyfriend of 7 years holding the ring I had chosen 2 years ago. So without knowing it, I choose the ring, the date and the location of my own PROPOSAL!

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