Nadia and Jhon

Image 1 of Nadia and Jhon Jairo

How We Met

Our relationship begin four months prior (November 2017) to our engagement while on a mission trip to Colombia.. we met and knew after spending 8 days together on this mission that we were meant to be together! “No beating around the bush”.. on our last night at our camp.. Jhon asked me to be his girlfriend and without many words we knew this would be it and that we desired to be married! But there’s a catch.. Jhon lives in Cali Colombia and me.. well I live in the another “Cali” meaning California!! A long distance relationship was what awaited us as I flew home a few days after our courtship began but the funny thing is.. I had this peace in my heart and I knew then that Jhon was the one God had prepared for me all of my 38 years. Sooner than what we expected two weeks later I was on a flight back to Colombia to spend part of my Christmas break with Jhon to get to know this man who I grew to admire on our mission trip and to meet his amazing family! It has all been worth it. ♡

how they asked

On this day… the day of our engagement, March 27, 2017 ♡.. I thought “maybe it will be today.” We planned to see the farmhouse in Cali Colombia that would eventually be our wedding venue and I felt a little nervous that Jhon would ask me to marry him but I wasn’t sure. I arrived at the farm house after Jhon arrived and when I saw him..

Image 2 of Nadia and Jhon Jairo

He didn’t look especially dressed up I thought to ask me to marry him. :) we took a tour of the farm grounds and Jhon said he had to handle some other details of our day and left me to continue the tour with the owners and some of our friends. Someone mentioned that we should walk around the back of the house and explore more of the grounds that included this steep hill.

Image 3 of Nadia and Jhon Jairo

So as we began walking up this hill and as i walked higher and higher I saw posts sticking out from the ground with huge poster sized pictures of Jhon and I and my heart dropped!

Image 4 of Nadia and Jhon Jairo

As we continued on to the top of the hill, there was this palm tree covered gazebo with a banner that said J & N ♡♡ Will you marry me?? I looked back down the hill and saw Jhon dressed handsomely in jeans and a blazer walking up holding a bouquet of roses and when he came close, dropping to his knee, he asked me “if I woukd be his wife” and I said yes! We both cried and surrounded by our parents and friends said a prayer to thank God for such a beautiful gift! Jhon had a celebration lunch prepared for our friends and family at the farm with fresh salads and yummy sandwiches. It was a hopeful yet unexpected day!! I am so thankful!