Nadia and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I met on April 1st almost seven years ago. We were both living in North Carolina, neither of us originally being from there. I was in college and waiting tables when he sat in my section one night. We had talked a bit and I was glad to see that he had left his phone number on the receipt. We were in contact and saw each other a few times, but neither of us had actually imagined the other as being “the one”, which, in the end, makes it quite fitting that we met on April Fool’s Day :)

A few weeks later Jake left for a summer job in Florida and I went back to Germany for the summer, where I am originally from. We both thought that would be it, but somehow we ended up speaking on the phone every single day. Once we both returned we officially became a couple and moved in with each other a year later.

how they asked

After six years of being in a relationship, Jake proposed to me at Disney World during the fireworks show. Disney World has a very special meaning to us, as a year prior we were there during a very difficult time in our lives and it helped us find some peace and forget about our worries. This difficult time was due to a health scare. A year later, after luckily everything turned out okay, we visited Disney World again.

We were watching the fireworks when he suddenly left and told me to stay here for a minute. I was confused but did as told. A minute later some kids come up to me and a boy reads me two post cards that he had… the post cards said “Hey Princess” “I have a question for you…” When the boy stepped aside I saw Jake on one knee, holding a ring, asking me to marry him. It was truly a “movie moment” when everyone around us started clapping and cheering.

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The most special part is that Jake actually designed my engagement ring himself. He had spent months drawing and sketching rings before finally coming up with the perfect design. The ring even includes a little diamond Mickey Mouse, for our Disney World engagement.

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