Nadia and Evan

How We Met

My earliest memories of Evan go back to elementary where I had spotted him running around on the schoolyard, but it wasn’t until 1998 that we actually became friends. I invited him to my 15th birthday party where I knew we’d all end up playing Truth or Dare … alas nothing exciting happened for me that day. Although my 15-year-old crush on Evan led nowhere, my fond memories of him being one of the few good guys from high school prompted me to swipe right – despite his terrible picture – on tinder 19 years later.

After losing contact for 15 years we agreed to meet up at the Cheers (aka Black Boar fka the Chalet) in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles for a drink. That night we caught each other up on the bare truths of the ups and downs we’d each experienced over the last 15 years, kicked another couple’s butts at foosball, and laughed ourselves silly. We stayed up until four o’clock in the morning getting to know each other again. Since that night we haven’t stopped being with each other.

how they asked

We’re both lovers of the forest, outdoors, and camping. After rescheduling, multiple times due to weather, we finally took our first backpacking trip together in the Los Angeles forest. It wasn’t a long trip but it was so nice to get away just the two of us and work together as a team. On the last day as we were hiking our way back towards the car, there was a short off-shoot from our trail that leads to Mt Zion peak. I was getting tired and was ready to skip it but Evan’s excitement encourages me to check it out. I’m really glad we did!

Nadia's Proposal in At the peak of Mt Zion in the Los Angeles forest

It was an overcast day – which for LA is the perfect time to go hiking because one can actually beat the heat – so I expected to find lots of other hikers at the peak. There was no one but a young guy sitting cross-legged finishing up a meditation session. My fiancé is usually quite shy with people he doesn’t know so I thought it was odd when he immediately and cheerfully greeted the stranger. I continued to the peak’s edge to check out the view and before I could turn around I heard Evan say to the young man, “Can you take a picture of us because I’m only going to do this once?”

Where to Propose in At the peak of Mt Zion in the Los Angeles forest

“Do what once?” the young man replied.

Before there was a verbal response Evan was down on one knee. The stranger shouted, “Oh, that!” and quickly switched to photographer mode.

“My grandfather gave this ring to my grandmother to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. Let’s beat them!”

I couldn’t believe what was happening and also dropped to my knees to kiss him and say yes! The young stranger enthusiastically wished us a happy marriage and then left us alone to enjoy our moment together. We sat there together in each other’s arms reveling in that very surreal moment with the perfect view on that perfect day. It was magic! Wish I could thank the stranger for the epic pictures he took.