Nadia and Dante

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How We Met

Dante and I are best friends turned into high school sweethearts, even from the beginning we have had such an amazing connection and once we decided to start dating in my junior year of high school and his senior year, we both knew it was meant to be. We’ve been talking about getting married since we were 16 and 17 and to finally be in that planning stage is an absolute dream come true. I remember saying to my friends after I first met Dante in 7th grade that I was going to date him one day, and not only can I call him my boyfriend but in June 2023 I get to call him my husband! Dante and I went to the same college and as the years have passed by we have grown deeper in love and happiness and in total have been together for 6 years!

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How They Asked

Dante and I have been talking about getting engaged for years now but this past summer (2021) it started to become an approaching reality. Over the summer Dante and I won tickets to go see his favorite band Metallica play in San Francisco for their 40th anniversary. As summer blended in fall Dante spoke more about going to look at rings and because he was so excited he started to slip on telling me details about the ring and he informed me that he would propose before the end of the year! He was very careful though to never slip and tell me where or when it was happening. This fall was my first semester of graduate school and I had been so busy focusing on school work I had no idea of all the days he had snuck off to go design my ring, ask my dad for permission to propose, and pick up the finished ring!

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With the final months of 2021 approaching, I was sure it would happen over thanksgiving weekend but that weekend came and went, and no proposal. After that, I started to narrow down times that it could happen. Dante knew how important it was for me to have my parents be there after he proposed and I knew my parents wouldn’t be able to go to San Francisco so I had written off the weekend of the concert as a possibility for him to propose. As the trip got closer and I tried to make reservations for all the places we had talked about with Dante’s parents and his brother and brother girlfriend (who also were coming just for fun) no one would let me book a reservation, I didn’t think much of it because I was focused on finishing my semester.

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We had been talking about maybe going to a winery while we were out in California and after we arrived Dante’s parents had told me they booked a tour for Saturday morning. As much as I tried to get details out of them about the winery I got minimal information and in all honesty, I thought his parents were mad at me the first couple days of the trip because they seemed so distracted and tense, but in reality, they were trying to hide from me Dante was proposing on Saturday!

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Saturday morning came and I knew I should dress nicely for the wine tour since it was a private tour and we planned on taking pictures because Dante and I suck at taking pictures on vacation. We all loaded into the car and as we headed in the direction of the winery, Dante’s dad said we should stop at Baker Beach because it had a great view of the Golden Great bridge, I didn’t think much of it besides that we might be late to the wine tour and that I did not have the right shoes on to walk on a beach! We got to the beach and parked and Dante told me to get out on the other side of the car because his side was too tight he got out on the side with his mom and she slipped him the ring box unknown to me!

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As we walked down towards the beach Dante’s parents said they left something in the car but told us to keep going, his brother and his brother girlfriend found a path that was above the beach and started walking that to get pictures of us from above, as we stepped into the sand I started to sink because I was not wearing the right shoes but Dante kept telling me a little farther, a little farther, just far enough so we could get past a fisherman and get pictures of the bridge without him in it, we made it past the fisherman and I turned to look around and when I turned back towards him he was down on one knee, I can’t remember everything he said because I was so completely shocked and couldn’t believe it was finally happening! The first thing I said before he started speaking “Are you kidding me?!”, Dante went on to say that “Nadia you are the love of my life and this life wouldn’t be complete without you and I just want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?!” The whole time as he was talking all I could think was YES YES YES!

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At one point I couldn’t even see him because the tears in my eyes had welled up so much and I was crying so much! After I said yes we hugged and kissed and Dante told me he had a photographer there to capture the whole thing! As we started to walk back I asked do my parents know and he pointed and said I don’t know to ask them, and coming down the stairs to the beach were my parents! We met my parents, Dante’s parents, and brother on the steps down to the beach and all hugged and celebrated! It was an absolute dream come true and I could not ask for a better day or a better person to spend my life with!!

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