Nadia and Brian

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How We Met

We used to work at the same company but on different teams.

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how they asked

After visiting Acadia & Bar Harbor 3 years ago, it immediately became one of our favorite spots on Earth. Little did I know that this place would have a whole new level of meaning during our next visit. We woke up early Saturday morning to hike the Beehive Trail overlooking Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. When we made it up top, we were pleased to find that it was empty. We took a moment for our sweat to dry and to soak in the stunning views. Because there wasn’t anyone around to ask to take a photo of us, we set up the self-timer on our camera to take a photo together. Brian then suggested I go stand by the ledge and turn my back towards him for a cool shot of me looking out to the water.

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Then, a bit closer to me, I heard him say, “now turn around” as he started to lower himself to the ground. For a split second I thought, “wow, he’s really going the extra mile to get that perfect angle for this photo” until I saw the ring and my jaw dropped. At one point, I had to lower myself to the ground so I wouldn’t faint and fall off the cliff! And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, Brian surprised me yet again for a private helicopter tour to see Acadia from above. I still feel like I’m on top of the world.

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