Nadia and Brett

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Brett and Nadia locked eyes one fateful music filled night. Though their conversation was short, laughs and smiles were abundant. It was a first impression that was sure to last forever. Passion and fun quickly pursued. Love was in the air. Three years after the journey began, Brett surprised his love, proposing on a hike in the middle of Anza Borrego, surrounded by flowers during the super bloom. They are excited to take their vows in July 2018, keeping their fairy tale alive.

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Proposal: We were in Anza Borrego during the super bloom. We went on a hike and I wanted to stop because I was hot and tired. He said to keep going a little farther. He picked out a rock where we sat and had lunch. All of a sudden he gets out his phone and props it on the rock then got down on one knee and popped the question.

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