Nadege and Lashi

How We Met

I was featured on a A&E show called beyond scared straight. I am a deputy sheriff and our program helped troubled teen turn it around. My fiance saw me on t.v. one day and realized i worked for the same sheriff office that his friends worked for. Days later he found out we had a lot of mutual friends but he brushed it off. One day my picture popped up on Facebook for “people you may know” so he felt like its a sign. He then sent me a message saying “do i know you from somewhere” to break the ice. We then began to speaking to one another over the phone before meeting up.

how they asked

He set up for my entire family to fly in for thanksgiving. The day before the flight my sister had to have an emergency surgery so all plans got canceled. I decided to move forward anyway and cook thanksgiving dinner but do it the day before. The whole day he kept stressing me about getting my nails done but i thought nothing of it. We did have friends and family over that evening. After every one ate he asked me to stand up with him in front of the fireplace and thanked everyone for coming. I asked “why? They supposed to come, its thanksgiving ” but i got up anyway. He started saying a speech about how we appreciate everyone for coming. Then he says especially you babe. He proceeded to tell me how he appreciates me and i changed his whole life and then got down on one knee. I was in total shock. It took me a second to answer him…..i then replied “of course”.

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